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Save-A-Tooth® system is now included in the American Safety and Health Institute first aid manual

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wayne, Pa (PRWEB) June 20, 2012

The American Safety and Health Institute (ASHI) is an association of health and safety educators that provides certification in CPR, First Aid, and other basic topics for laypersons and professionals. Certification by the ASHI is generally accepted as valid and equivalent to similar certification given by the American Red Cross or American Heart Association in CPR and First Aid. One of the reasons that the Save-A-Tooth® system is included in this manual is because the Save-A-Tooth® system is only one of 300 consumer products that has the prestigious American Dental Association Seal of Acceptance. This Seal means that the American Dental Association has evaluated a product and, through extensive evaluation, has declared that the product is safe and efficacious.

The association is headquartered in Holiday, Florida, and consists of more than 20,000 professional safety and health education members. Founded in 1996 as a partnership of safety and health instructors, ASHI has developed to include more than 8,000 Training Centers across the United States and in several foreign countries.

“It is critical to have a Save-A-Tooth® system ahead of time in a first aid kit, says Dr. Ed Abrams, Associate Professor of Dentistry at Temple School of Dentistry. “Just like a responsible parent needs to have an EpiPen ahead of time and always available when their child is allergic to food or bee stings, they need to be prepared for storing knocked out teeth ahead of time. That's why it's perfect to have the Complete First Aid kit”’ he advises.

Research has shown that when the Save-A-Tooth® system is used within the first sixty minutes of the accident, over 90% of knocked out teeth can be reimplanted and saved for life.

Most people don’t even know that all of the five million knocked out each year can be saved for life but only if they are stored properly. “Keeping the cells on the outside of the knocked out tooth alive is the critical factor necessary to give a good success rate after they are reimplanted, says Dr. Henry Rankow, Professor of Dentistry at Temple University School of Dental Medicine. “Once the knocked out teeth are out of their sockets, they are cut off from their blood supply and need to have nutrient supplements to keep them alive. Only the Save-A-Tooth® system does that. It provides the perfect environment by supplying all of the essential elements like calcium, phosphorous and glucose that the knocked out tooth cells need to stay alive.”

The Save-A-Tooth® system can be found in the Complete First Aid kit on or on-line at The Complete First Aid kit is the #1 selling first aid kit on Amazon because it is the only kit that contains the Save-A-Tooth® system and the highest quality USA made components. These high quality components are made by Certified Safety Manufacturing in Kansas City, MO. As opposed to almost all other first aid kit supplies, these components made by Certified Safety are of the highest quality and present a better value than cheap Chinese parts. For example, the adhesive on their bandages utilizes a strong 3M adhesive. This adhesive is very high quality and will provide 3-4 times more sticking power than foreign made bandages. The ice packs are made of special crystals that make the packs colder and last longer.

“We are very conscious of conforming to FDA standards and OSHA regulations in the production of our components and the public can be certain that the possibility of any of our first aid kit components being toxic is almost zero”, says Danny Gregory, National Sales manager at Certified. “There are many gimmicky components offered to us each year for inclusion in our first aid kits but most do not really live up to their hype. We include the Save-A-Tooth® system in our kits because we know it’s a high quality product and it really makes a difference in people’s health”, he continues.

The Complete First Aid kit is the #1 selling first aid kit on because it provides the best value.

Phoenix-Lazerus, Inc. manufactures and distributes the Save-A-Tooth® system and the Complete First Aid kit. It has been in business since 2001 and is dedicated to producing products completely made in the USA with 100% USA-made parts. It is also the tooth transportation system in the Store-A-Tooth system, the leading transporter and cryogenic storage system for dental stem cells.

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