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Save-A-Tooth® Offers Schools Solution for Knocked-Out Teeth

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wayne, Pa (PRWEB) August 28, 2012 – More than 5 million teeth are knocked out each year in the United States and Canada, and many of them are knocked out in the school area. Over 90% of them can be reimplanted and saved for life if the schools are prepared, according to Phoenix-Lazerus, Inc., manufacturer and distributor of the Save-A-Tooth® system. A special medical fluid which the system contains preserves knocked-out teeth for 24 hours. Save-A-Tooth also has a special suspension and retrieval basket and net that protects the tooth root cells from damage.


According to Oral Health Connections, school nurses report students seek their help for a wide range of oral health issues, including dental caries, tooth and oral pain, jaw abscesses, orthodontic concerns, and problems with oral piercings. Forty percent of school nurses report they encounter students who avoid smiling or laughing because of oral health problems.


When a tooth is knocked out, it must be placed in a protective, nutritive environment within 60 minutes of the accident or else the delicate tooth root cells will die and the reimplanted tooth will be rejected by the body. The Save-A-Tooth system provides this special protection and rejuvenation. This one-of-a-kind system has the American Dental Seal of Acceptance and is recommended by most leading medical and dental organizations.


“The loss of 51 million school hours a year is devastating to our school children, and anything that can be done to prevent this should be done, says Dr. Paul Krasner, Professor of Dentistry at Temple University School of Dentistry. “Missing teeth during the volatile school years can be psychologically devastating,” he continues.


“We all realize that school budgets are tight,” says Dr. Henry Rankow, Professor of Dentistry at Temple University School of Dentistry, “but there are some expenses that must be made in order to protect the dental health of school age children. The loss of a knocked-out tooth is a lifetime problem in addition to being a social stigma. Lost knocked-out teeth are different from broken bones. A broken bone heals with no repercussions but a lost knocked-out tooth is lost for life,” he adds.


Dr. Krasner recommends that schools have Save-A-Tooths in their emergency supplies and train their school staff in how to use them in case the school nurse is not present at the time of the accident. The system is inexpensive and can be purchased online, through school distributors, and in the Complete First Aid kit.

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