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PolyPid, MIS Implants Partner to Provide Innovative Drug Delivery Product for Dental Applications

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Petach Tikva and Bar-Lev Industrial Park, Israel, March 4, 2013 – PolyPid Ltd., a developer of unique innovative drug carriers, and MIS Implants Technologies Ltd., a leading manufacturer of dental implants, has announced a strategic partnership to provide an innovative drug delivery product for dental applications. The unique product, to be developed by PolyPid, will be based on BonyPid™—PolyPid's product family that can also treat specific dental problems requiring local, prolonged, and constant controlled release of drugs, allowing quick and optimal healing of specific dental morbidities, such as periodontitis. The new dental product will be marketed and distributed exclusively by MIS Implants Technologies.

A BonyPid™-based product, designed to treat bone contaminations or infections caused during bone recovery of severe open long-bone fractures, was recently tested successfully in a first-in-man clinical trial. Due to the fact that there are some similar limitations in both orthopedic and dental procedures, PolyPid and MIS decided to implement the BonyPid™ technology concept for specific dental indications. The new BonyPid™ dental product will be based on synthetic particles coated with a microlayer, based on PolyPid's nanotechnology drug delivery platform. The fully biodegradable coating will release drugs at an accurate dosage directly into the affected area, over a prolonged period and at a pre-planned rate.

The product is due out in the first quarter of 2015. "Nano-therapeutics for dental problems is currently a hot issue and a source of hope for those who suffer from certain dental problems, as well as a solution for dentists coping with various morbidities of their patients," said Dr. Noam Emanuel, PolyPid's Chief Technology Officer. "The new product will meet some major challenges in this area."

"This is an important milestone in PolyPid's business development, reflecting our strategy to expand PolyPid's platform applications through cooperation with leading partners in various spheres," said Amir Weisberg, PolyPid's CEO. "We have plans for more innovative products and we are now exploring additional opportunities for cooperation with leading companies in various medical fields."

"As a company that has operated for many years at the technological forefront of the dental implants industry, we are committed to continuous research and development of new progressive products and technologies to support the diverse challenges faced by dentistry," said Idan Kleifeld, MIS's CEO. "PolyPid is a natural partner to our efforts and their technology leads to innovative therapies and solutions."

PolyPid's platform (also named PolyPid technology), is a new, unique and pioneering family of drug carriers, based on an innovative fusion between polymers and lipid-based systems. PolyPid nanotechnology enables determining in advance the desired release rate of the drug, as well as the optimal duration, which may last up to several months. The revolutionary platform is protected by a series of strong patents, and is adaptable to a wide variety of drugs: small molecules such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, peptides, proteins and also can be used for the administration of drugs based on nucleic acids (DNA and RNA).

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