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Patent Issued for Dental Fluoroscopy Technology

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Real Time Imaging Technologies, LLC announced earlier this month that it has received U.S. Patent No. 8,430,563 DENTAL FLUOROSCOPIC IMAGING SYSTEM, which covers the company’s methods for providing a flat panel detector comprised of a gamma-rays or x-rays converter, plate, collector, processing unit, and transmitter suitable for 2-D intraoral/extraoral and 3-D view extraoral dental fluoroscopy.

This technology enables dentists to use live video imaging to see anatomic structures during procedures such as dental implant placements and root canal therapy, thereby increasing patient safety while streamlining these procedures. The patent also enables static imaging with reduced dose radiation, resulting in less patient radiation dose exposure. Fluoroscopy has long been widely used in the medical field, but its use in dentistry has been limited by such factors as size, image resolution, and radiation concerns.

“[This] announcement broadens our current patent portfolio, covering a unique imaging modality to the dental profession. Our technology is designed to offer dentists improved visualization during dental procedures so that they can enhance quality of patient care,” said Michael Sinsheimer, CEO of Real Time Imaging Technologies, LLC.

Beyond the newly announced intellectual property, Real Time Imaging Technologies has tested its proprietary devices with impressive proof-of-concept study results.

“We are getting close to a new era in dentistry allowing real-time visualization of dental procedures during performance while reducing radiation dosage in diagnostic x-rays like never seen before,” said Dr. Daniel Uzbelger Feldman, dentist at Dental Works, Cleveland, OH, faculty at Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry, and inventor of the dental fluoroscopic imaging system.

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