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New Save-A-Tooth System Increases the Success Rate of Reimplanted Knocked out Teeth

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013

(PRWEB) July 11, 2012

Without this scientific device, only ten percent of knocked out teeth can be successfully retained after being reimplanted. The cost of replacing only one knocked out tooth that can’t survive after being reimplanted is at least $3,000 initially and $30,000 over a lifetime; Three knocked out teeth can cost three times as much.

Using a Save-A-Tooth® system within 60 minutes of a knocked out tooth accident gives almost ten times the chance of success, saving natural smiles and large dental bills.

Dr. Paul Krasner, Professor of Dentistry at Temple University, has invented a scientifically designed six-part system, the Save-A-Tooth® system which completely protects knocked out teeth for twenty-four hours until they can be re-implanted by a dentist.

Knocked out teeth can be saved because the cells on the outside of the tooth root will survive and reconnect to the socket from which they’ve come if they are re-nourished and protected from being crushed during their time out of the mouth.

“That’s what the Save-A-Tooth® system does,” says Dr. Krasner. “It contains a special medical fluid that provides all the metabolic needs of these tooth cells with elements like glucose, calcium, phosphate and magnesium. “ Up until recently, this fluid was not available to the public. But now anyone can buy it on line, in catalogs and in high quality first aid kits.

Thirty years ago, milk was the recommended as a “fall-back” storage medium for knocked out teeth, but leading dental trauma experts now consider this to be an inferior method. Unfortunately, it is still being recommended despite the availability of superior methods like the Save-A-Tooth® system. Milk is limited in its effectiveness because it lacks necessary nutritive factors for keeping teeth alive and, contrary to popular belief, is not readily available at most accident scenes like remote sports playing fields, hockey rinks or automobile accidents.

“Knocked out teeth need to be protected while being carried to the dentist. Even finger pressure on the tooth root will kill the cells,” says Dr. Rankow, Professor of Dentistry at Temple University, School of Dentistry.

There are countless places along the way from the accident scene to the dentist at which irreversible damage to the knocked out tooth can occur. If, for example, the storage fluid spills out or the glass container holding the teeth shatters, the knocked out teeth will be damaged and success will be less likely after re-implantation.

Once knocked out teeth are placed into a Save-A-Tooth® system, however, they are safe and protected from damage for twenty-four hours. Sometimes, like in an automobile accident, there are more serious injuries like a punctured lung or a broken arm, that need to be attended to first. By having a Save-A-Tooth® system ahead of time, a parent or first responder can attend to a suffering accident victim without having to worry about the knocked out teeth. In fact, once placed in a Save-A-Tooth®, knocked out teeth are safe for 24 hours and the patient can be stabilized and the knocked out teeth replanted later.

“Being informed and prepared for a tooth being knocked out can mean the difference between a lifetime of dental problems and very high dental bills” says, Dr. Krasner. “Millions of teeth are knocked out every year but can be saved if people know what to do when an accident occurs,” he adds.

“The Save-A-Tooth® is not merely a better storage fluid but an entire scientific methodology that provides the maximum potential for successfully saving knocked out teeth”, Dr. Krasner explains.

Dr. Rankow compares Save-A-Tooth® with an EpiPen. “When a severely allergic child is stung by a bee, if an EpiPen is not available immediately, the child may die. The same situation exists with knocked out teeth. The Save-A-Tooth® must be available ahead of time in home first aid kits, sports team training bags, hospital emergency rooms and ambulances, “ he recommends.

Phoenix-Lazerus, Inc. manufactures and distributes the Save-A-Tooth® system and the Complete First Aid kit. It has been in business since 2001 and is dedicated to producing products completely made in the USA with 100% USA-made parts. It is also the tooth transportation system in the Store-A-Tooth system, the leading transporter and cryogenic storage system for dental stem cells.

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