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New Patent Reinforces Value of Fovean Technology in Detecting Dental/Health Conditions Without X-Ray Imaging

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Fovean Inc. has announced that its diagnostic technology for health determination based on vibrations imparted to tissues or teeth, filed as Serial 12/951,893, has been granted as a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The patent covers methods for performing health diagnostics by inducing vibrations in a first body object using a vibratory transducer; picking up at a receiver vibrations transmitted by the vibratory transducers; capturing vibrations from a second body object and comparing the captured vibrations against a database of known tissue characteristics; and generating a health diagnostic.

"The issuance of this patent reinforces the value of Fovean's technology as a means to help making diagnosis without subjecting the patient to harmful X-ray radiation," said Bao Tran of Tran & Associates, Patent Attorney for Fovean. "For most tissue or dental conditions, a vibration pattern can be obtained and compared against known dental conditions. The system supplies adjunctive information by which the practitioner may make a better decision regarding treatment alternatives. The system helps practitioners in determining if tissue, teeth or tooth structure is cracked, from disease or overloading; locating perforations through a tooth during root canal therapy, or during restorative procedures; determining key locations to place pins so as to select areas that will minimize the chance of cracking the tooth, or to minimize the possibility of causing nerve damage; determining, once a pilot hole has been made whether an opening into the nerve has inadvertently been made; testing sealants for leakage or decay; and identifying hidden pit caries. The system can establish objective readings or findings which can be used as a baseline recorded in a patient's chart for future comparisons. The system can be used to help differentiate between enamel, dentin, sclerotic dentin, reparative dentin, thin or weak dentin, carious pulp exposures, iatrogenic pulp exposures, perforations, major canals, accessory canals, cracks, fissures, craze lines (and their length, direction and potential for problematic cause). The system also can determine if a filling material, base or cement had been adequately cured or sealed, prior to conclusion of a treatment. The system can work with or obviate the need for x-rays while providing superior diagnosis of tissue conditions. Appropriate measurement yields tremendous information to the dentist. This information improves diagnosis, aids in better treatment, and allows for earlier detection of problems."

Fovean is developing a portfolio of intellectual property using patent workflow solutions from PowerPatent Inc. Such tools enable Fovean to file quickly and benefit from the first-inventor-to-file provision of the AIA.

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