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New CE from Center for Esthetic Excellence Offers “Composite Coaching”

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013


A 2-day workshop aimed at giving practitioners greater control of their restorative dentistry is available from the Center for Esthetic Excellence, located in Chicago. The interactive presentation, “Composite Coaching: Hit Home Runs with Direct Resin and Gain Financial Freedom,” is designed to enable dentists to positively affect the level of dentistry that they are able to provide to their patients on a daily basis.

Presented by Dr. Dennis Hartlieb, adjunct associate professor at the Marquette University School of Dentistry in Milwaukee, WI, the lecture will focus on the skills and materials necessary to place direct anterior and posterior resin restorations that virtually disappear in the mouth. Utilizing the latest in nanotechnology composite materials, layering techniques will be reviewed that not only create properly shaped restorations, but will also offset the tooth stress issues related to polymerization shrinkage. Techniques to create tight, appropriately contoured Class II restorations will be reviewed. Layering techniques utilizing nanofilled and microfill composites, opaquers, and tints will be taught for creating invisible Class IV and other anterior direct restorations. Contouring and polishing techniques of anterior and posterior composites will also be reviewed in detail.

Participants will learn:

• What materials are critical for creating excellent restorations with anterior free hand bonding.

• The techniques necessary to blend composite to tooth structure to hide Class IV fractures.

• Answers to questions regarding self etch adhesives.

• A novel technique to create exquisitely contoured Class II proximal walls.

• Putting it all together; employing a systematic approach utilizing nanofilled composites, opaquers, tints and microfills to create natural, beautiful and predictable anterior direct resin restorations.

16 AGD credits are available. To register, contact the Center for Esthetic Excellence at 800-837-2321, or visit

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