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Michigan Dental Association Urges More Aid for Poor

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013


The Michigan Dental Association has called for more state aid for dental care for the poor, releasing a survey that found nearly 90% of dental practices in the state donate an average $62,000 a year in free or reduced-price care—an amount they say is unsustainable, according to The Detroit News.

The 990 dental practitioners surveyed by Lansing-based Marketing Resource Group reported that 55% of the free or discounted work was for costly restorative services—such as crowns and fillings. Sixteen percent was for oral surgery, and 7% for preventive care.

"Michigan dentists are trying to address the access problem as effectively as possible, but it becomes unsustainable when government programs designed to achieve that goal are not adequately funded," Jeff Johnston, a Sterling Heights dentist and president of the Michigan Dental Association, said in a press release, adding that a more adequate system for covering the actual cost of care is needed.

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