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Johns Hopkins Dental Group Accredits Symmetry Dental Tourism Practice

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Sarasota, FL, June 19, 2012 --( -- The Johns Hopkins Dental Group, a patient advocate and referral service that facilitates dental tourism in Costa Rica, accredited the Symmetry Esthetic & Health Alliance. Symmetry Esthetic & Health Alliance, a team of dental specialists dedicated to oral implant and cosmetic dentistry, has been serving US and Canadian dental tourists for nearly a decade and are one of a select few dental clinics that has a partner who is an in-house endodontist.

Symmetry Esthetic & Health Alliance is a team of two brothers and a support staff of six that provides its patients with best-in-class dental treatment and the comfort of home. Symmetry has chosen to remain a small, modern, and technologically advanced alternative to the mostly large, sometimes impersonal dental clinics in Costa Rica.

Dr. Roberto Hernandez Valerin, DDS, who received specialized training in Switzerland for endodontics, serves as an endodontic specialist at Symmetry and many other mega-dental clinics that primarily cater to dental tourists from North America. His brother, Dr. Rodolfo Hernandez-Valerin, DDS obtained his postgraduate training in esthetic dentistry at the University of Minnesota and practices esthetic dentistry and oral rehabilitation. The two brothers have been working together for more than 15 years.

The Johns Hopkins Dental Group performed its first on-site inspection of the Symmetry Esthetic & Health Alliance this year. Howard Siegler, Vice President of Operations of the Johns Hopkins Dental Group has long been a patient of Dr. Roberto Hernandez. Siegler first travelled to Costa Rica as a dental tourist in 2004 and says, “Dr. Hernandez performed root canals on me at the first mega-dental clinic I attended, and has performed every root canal I have had ever since. Above and beyond that, he has performed thousands of root canals for other dental tourists and locals over the years. He is simply the best in the business, and coming from someone who works in the center of the dental trade, that says a lot.”

Siegler continued, “We at the Johns Hopkins Dental Group are delighted that Symmetry has received its Accreditation. They are a rare and unique dental clinic that understands fully the importance of modern equipment and technology, but equally the need to deliver on the personal side of first-class dentistry. They are one of the smaller dental clinics in our network, but they receive exceptionally high marks for quality of dental work and dental care.”

About Johns Hopkins Dental Group:

The Johns Hopkins Dental Group is a patient-focused referral service that provides assistance to dental tourists in choosing dentists, dental specialists, and dental clinics in Costa Rica. The company maintains a presence in Costa Rica to oversee business and clinical standards of Accredited Member clinics. They offer 7/24 consultation free of charge, and serve as Patient Advocates for dental tourists who may encounter problems during their stay in Costa Rica. The Johns Hopkins Dental Group is not directly affiliated with Johns Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins medicine, or Johns Hopkins Hospital. For more information visit.


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