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Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy (IDEA) Offers 2013-2014 Courses

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy – IDEA offers a full slate of courses for 2013 - 2014. The lineup of courses includes the following:

John West, D.D.S., M.S.D.

Mini-Residency in State-of-the-Art Endodontics I: Experience your Endodontic Excellence

May 15-18, 2013


This four-day program is a must for those practitioners who wish to take their endodontic understanding and technique to the leading edge of endodontics. This mini-residency is designed for the general practitioners who have decided to incorporate endodontics into their treatment offering. This is a skills acquisition training program.


Heike Krämer, Dr. Med. Dent., M.Sc. and  Interdisciplinary Team

Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Interdisciplinary Dentistry for Patients with and without Dysfunctional Problems

Continuum: 2013: May 22-25 / Sep 11-14 / Dec 11-14 / Mar 26-29, 2014


This continuum is addressed to all dental professionals who wish to upgrade their skills for treatment of complex cases and in comprehensive interdisciplinary dentistry. Whether or not occlusion plays a role in the long-term success of dental treatment is still discussed. If we look at occlusion in a static way this debate might be appro­priate. But, if we look at the masticatory system under the aspect of dynamic functions then the importance of occlusion becomes evident.


Otto Zuhr, Dr. Med. Dent.

Plastic Esthetic Periodontal and Implant Surgery: A Microsurgical Approach

June 2-5, 2013


This intense hands-on course is featuring all aspects of plastic esthetic periodontal surgery. Predictable wound healing is the most important prerequisite for successful treatment. Being as precise and atrau­matic as possible are key factors to positively influence the treatment outcome. 


Pascal Magne, Dr. Med., Dent., Ph.D., Michel Magne, B.S., M.D.T.

Predictable Aesthetics and Longevity with Bonded Porcelain Restorations

July 18-21, 2013


This course will be an intense Hands-On experience for all practitioners wishing to refine or upgrade their skills in anterior bonded restorations.


Didier Dietschi, D.M.D., Ph.D.

Excellence and Innovations in Anterior Composites: Direct & Indirect Techniques and the Totally New "Prefabricated" Composite Veneer System

July 23-26, 2013


This 4 day course will be an intense hands-on experience featuring all aspects related to the use of direct composite in the smile frame. Innovations, …participants will be exposed to a totally new “pre-fabricated” composite veneer system and an innovative protocol to fabricate partial adhesive restorations. These latest techniques might revolutionize the application of composite in the smile frame!


Dennis P. Tarnow, D.D.S.

Controversies and Innovations in Implants and Esthetics

August 1-4, 2013


This highly personalized course will take the clinician to the highest level in surgical and restorative aspects of implants. Great emphasis will be placed on esthetic outcomes along with the biological approach to treatment. The interplay between the surgical and restorative aspects of implants will be emphasized throughout the course.


Sadao Sato, D.D.S., D.D.Sc.

Orthodontic Treatment Based on Occlusal Plane Control: A Key for Successful Treatment of Different Types of Malocclusion with or without Dysfunctional Problems

August 10-15, 2013


This very interactive and intense hands-on program is a unique opportunity for you to follow the concepts of Sadao Sato for treatment of complex orthodontic cases. Through the integration of functional aspects into orthodontic therapy and the clear under­stand­ing of the importance of the occlusal plane amazing treatment outcomes arise.


Jungo Endo, R.D.T.

ORAL STRATIFIED BUILD-UP TECHNIQUE - How to Achieve Lifelike Implant Restorations with Gingival Porcelain

August 30-31, 2013

This intense hands-on course is a unique opportunity for you to follow the concepts of Jungo Endo for the application process of gingival porcelain for natural esthetics. Traditio­nally, an unaesthetic outcome for patients with implant rehabilita­tions was created due to the excessive use of tooth colored ceramics and a limited utilization of soft-tissue colors.


Otto Prandtner, M.D.T.

Replicating Nature with Implants

October 4-5, 2013


This diverse hands-on course combines the most current protocols for creating life-like implant abutments and implant supported restorations with the fundamentals of esthetics. Emphasis will also be given to implant planning and technical solutions from simple to complex cases, as well as for compromised implant situations. 


Stephen J. Chu, D.M.D., M.S.D, C.D.T., M.D.T.

Aesthetic Analysis, Diagnosis, Treatment Planning, and Failure Management of Tooth and Implant Supported Restorations

October 11-14, 2013


This diverse hands-on program focuses on the state-of-the-art prosthetic treatment of tooth and implant supported restorations. The different techniques for treatment in the esthetic zone, from simple to complex cases, are the red line in this course and will be presented using scientific evidence and clinical experience.


Christian Coachman, D.D.S., C.D.T.

The Pink Hybrid Restoration: The Prosthetic Solution for Anterior Ridge Defects

October 28-29, 2013


This lecture, hands-on, live patient course will outline a new prosthetic option besides the existing surgical and orthodontic options to enhance esthetical deficiencies in the anterior ridge. Esthetically replacing missing teeth in areas of significant anterior ridge deformities has been and still is a significant challenge in dentistry. High esthetic expectations and implant therapy have only increased this challenge.


Christian Coachman, D.D.S., C.D.T., Marcelo Calamita, D.D.S., M.S., Ph.D.

The Other Face of Aesthetic Dentistry: Integrating Functional Treatment Planning into Smile Design

November 2-5, 2013


This interactive hands-on course focuses on a systematic approach to treatment for esthetic rehabilitations. Optimizing the esthetic, functional, structural, and biological outcomes in cases with different degrees of complexity is the red line in this course.


Ken Hovden, D.D.S.

The Surgical Microscope: Your Link to Better Digital Dentistry

November 22-23, 2013


Whether you own or are contemplating purchasing a dental microscope, this intense hands-on course will immediately impact your practice. You will return to your practice prepared to successfully integrate the microscope into your esthetic restorative dentistry, efficiently and effectively.


Ziv Mazor, D.M.D.

State-of-the-Art in Ridge and Sinus Augmentation

November 11-14, 2013


This advanced hands-on course will teach you the latest techniques and materials in bone regeneration. Ziv Mazor will cover all aspects of bone reconstruction starting with socket preservation and ridge augmentations to posterior mandible and sinus augmentations.


Vince Kokich, D.D.S., M.S.D.

Adult Orthodontics in the 21st Century: Are you prepared?

December 4-7, 2013


This course focuses on adult, interdisciplinary and complex orthodontic cases. Due to the growing request for esthetics and complex rehabilitations, the demand for adult ortho­dontics is rapidly increasing. This puts new challenges on the orthodontic practitioner.


Fouad Khoury, D.M.D., Ph.D., Prof.,, Charles Khoury, D.M.D., M.S., D.U.

Current Concepts in Bone Grafting and Accelerated Implant Treatment: From Minimally Invasive Augmentation to Advanced Surgical Procedures with Autogenous Bone and Soft Tissue Management

April 5-8, 2014


This course will be an interactive hands-on experience for all practit­ioners wishing to upgrade their skills in autogenous bone grafting procedures and management of soft tissue covering all aspects from simple to complex treatment.


Robert E. Lamb, D.D.S, M.S.D. and Restorative Team

Immediate Placement and Restoration of Implants I: Surgical and Restorative Protocols

May 16-19, 2014


This intense hands-on and live patient course follows the concepts of Bob Lamb in minimally-invasive implant surgery. Achieving optimal esthetics in atraumatic implant place­ment isthe imperative for success.  There­­­­­­­fore, certain biological principles need to be understood and different techniques need to be applied to obtain excellent results.


Pascal Magne, Dr., Med., Dent., Ph.D.

Esthetic Posterior Restorations: Mastering Direct, Semi – Direct and Indirect Techniques

August 14-17, 2014


This course will be an intense hands-on experience for all practitioners wishing to upgrade their skills in posterior bonded restorations in direct, semi-direct and indirect techniques in composite and ceramic restorations.


Interdisciplinary Dental Education Academy – IDEA

1291 East Hillsdale Boulevard, Suite 123

San Francisco Bay Area, CA 94404, USA

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