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IHT World Launches Medical Tourism Web Portal Offering Medical Tourism Advertising

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013


LeClaire, IA (PRWEB) May 07, 2012 – IHT World has launched a medical tourism website portal, a cyber-gateway that provides a wealth of free information concerning dental and medical tourism worldwide. In addition IHT World’s directory of medical tourism destinations and services is now offering free to low-cost medical tourism advertising opportunities for hospitals, clinics, and dental and medical tourism related businesses.

IHT World was initially created to help address healthcare access issues. During IHT World’s first year in business as a medical tourism facilitator, IHT World discovered that what people really want is simple, straightforward information to help enable a well-informed decision. People seem to prefer gathering information and make arrangements independently at their leisure.

To meet the needs and desires of people searching for dental or medical tourism information, IHT World website recently launched a portal gateway of easy-to-understand information. People can even find information regarding how to obtain a passport and how to check safety ratings regarding countries around the world.

Most important, visitors will want to compare clinics and hospitals from around the world. Thus, IHT World is providing a directory of quick, easy access to information regarding dental and medical tourism destinations.

In order to provide hospital, clinic, hotel, resort, etc., information, IHT World is offering dental and medical tourism related businesses, including hotels and resorts that cater to medical travel, free to low cost medical tourism advertising opportunities.

For a limited time, business can take advantage of unheard low prices with an annual agreement. However all business must be pre-approved, as they must meet IHT World’s criteria for inclusion to ensure quality.

IHT World understands that medical tourism advertising can be extremely expensive. Therefore, IHT World is helping dental and medical tourism businesses become more successful, while giving people free access to much needed dental and medical tourism information.

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