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Hu-Friedy Introduces Streamline Direct Flow™ Inserts

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013

CHICAGO, IL – Hu-Friedy, a global leader in dental instrument manufacturing, announced today the launch of the new Streamline Direct Flow  ultrasonic insert family. Adding to Hu-Friedy’s magnetostrictive line, the new Streamline Direct Flow inserts were designed to offer efficient scaling at a great price. 

Each of the seven Streamline Direct Flow inserts feature a comfortable, wide diameter handle to reduce finger pinching and ensure clinician comfort. The through-tip water delivery offers a targeted water flow, reduces excess spray and increases visibility of the treatment site. Finally, Hu-Friedy’s proprietary stainless steel alloy ensures the highest level of scaling efficiency.

Hu-Friedy now manufactures three lines of ultrasonic inserts with Streamline Direct Flow, original Streamline® and Swivel™ inserts. Hu-Friedy entered the market in 1996 with Streamline inserts that deliver water through the tip’s base. In 2002, Hu-Friedy introduced Swivel inserts that offer 360° rotation to reduce the drag of the handpiece cord for hassle-free scaling.  Each line of inserts was designed for comfort and performance, and clinicians are able to choose the particular style that meets their needs.

 “We know that each of our customers seek a wide variety of product and technology options to deliver the highest level of care to the patients and they see every day,” says Ken Serota, President of Hu-Friedy Mfg. Co. “At Hu-Friedy, we want to provide clinicians with several high-quality options within a product category so that they can make the best choice for their practice. Bringing the new Streamline Direct Flow insert family to our product portfolio allows us to offer three different solutions for magnetostrictive scaling, all of which feature the Hu-Friedy quality steel and craftsmanship that our customers expect from us.”

Streamline Direct Flow inserts are currently available in 30 kHz configurations with Universal, Thin, Triple Bend, XT, Left, Right and Straight tip patterns. For more information on Hu-Friedy’s Streamline Direct Flow and other ultrasonic inserts, visit

About Hu-Friedy

Founded in Chicago in 1908, Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company helps dental professionals perform at their best by producing dental instruments and products designed to function as an extension of each practitioner's particular skill. Its products, hand-crafted by highly-skilled artisans, are known for their precision, performance, longevity, reliability and quality. Headquartered in Chicago, Hu-Friedy products are distributed in more than 75 countries and the company maintains offices in Rotterdam, Tuttlingen, Germany, Milan, Shanghai and Tokyo.

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