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Heraeus Unveils "Passion for Dentistry" Video Series with International Thought Leaders

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013

SOUTH BEND, Ind., July 18, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Heraeus Kulzer, LLC, the worldwide leader in dental esthetics, announced today that its YouTube channel now features a nine-video series of interviews with fifteen thought leaders who spoke at the 4th International Heraeus Dental Symposium in late 2011, entitled "Passion for Dentistry – Technology for Today and Tomorrow."  

The nine videos range in topics from views on the most important changes in dentistry to intriguing thoughts on the future of dentistry. Other areas discussed include exploring the role of dental manufacturers, understanding color in dentistry and how social media is impacting the dental practice and its patients.

"We think dental professionals will find these videos quite interesting," said Sonny Serreno, Director of Clinical and Scientific Affairs, Heraeus North America.  "Our speakers represent a wide variety of specialties, personalities and nationalities, and this made for some very thought-provoking interviews."

The US-based speakers included: Lee Ann Brady, DMD; Gary DeWood, DDS, MS; Jack Ferracane, PhD; Brian LeSage, DDS, FAACD; Kaleim Manji, MBA; Rade Paravina, DDS, MS, PhD; and Marcos Vargas, DDS, MS.  The internationally-based speakers included: Daniel Adler, DDS; Dr. Susanne Busch; Claus-Peter Ernst, DDS, PhD; Luis Antonio Felippe, DDS, MS; Marcelo Giannini, DDS, MS, PhD; Walter Miranda, DDS, MS, PhD; Alejandro Treviño, DDS, MS; and Warren Roberts, DMD.

"As one of the attendees of the Heraeus Symposium, I am excited to view this video series. The topics and speakers presented a dynamic and fascinating platform that I think most dental professionals would be interested in watching," explained Robert Marus, DDS, Yardley, PA.

The full listing of videos comprises the following interviews: 

1.     "How Did You Get into Dentistry?"

2.     "In What Important Ways Has Dentistry Changed in Recent Years?"

3.     "What Do You See for the Future of Dentistry?"

4.     "How Do You View the Role of Manufacturers in Dentistry?"

5.     "How Would You Like to See Dentistry's Understanding of Color Improve?"

6.     "What Is the Idea Behind Facial Rejuvenation?"

7.     "Is There a Role for Social Media in Dentistry?"

8.     "Why Does Heraeus Sponsor an Annual Symposium?"

Any or all of these videos may be viewed at Heraeus' YouTube channel, which can be found at

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