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GHSU's College of Dental Medicine Goes Green, Becomes LEED-Certified

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Augusta, Ga. -- Georgia Health Sciences University's (GHSU) College of Dental Medicine is a $112 million building that is now the first on-campus to be LEED-certified. The people at the College of Dental Medicine are thrilled to be helping the environment and cutting costs.

Connie Drisko, Dean, GHSU, College Dental Medicine says, "We're very conscious of the green environment here on the whole campus and the fact that this is the first building on the campus to get certified is kind of special."

This air modulator is really just a big air pump that circulates the air throughout the entire building, keeping costs down.

The Vice President of Facility Services at GHSU says there are plans to make other buildings LEED-certified as well.

Phil Howard, Vice President Facility Service, GHSU, says, "Well, we're very very committed organizationally that all buildings incorporate LEED principals and going towards LEED certification is just taking that to another level."

A third-year dental student is already seeing a big improvement compared to the old building.

Heath Moody, dental student, says, "It's more user-friendly, ceilings are higher, there's more light. I certainly notice in the afternoon we're south facing on this side of the building, which my clinic that I'm currently in faces. So it's really nice to see the shades come down automatically because it sure can warm up."

Lowering the shades makes a big difference in temperature. Even on a cool, Fall day with the shades up it can get warm on the fifth floor.

Moody says, "Very much in the summertime and in fact it's still November and you can probably tell now that I'm sweating."

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