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Free Marketing Guide: Spring Cleaning for Your Dental Office Files

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Spring time is the perfect time for dental offices to 'Spring Clean' their patient files. The recently released SmartPractice Spring Dental Marketing Guide was designed to do just that. 


 As a leader in dental patient communications and practice marketing for more than 40 years, SmartPractice is always focused on making it easy and efficient for dental offices to increase productivity. The new Spring Cleaning Dental Marketing Guide makes it easier than ever for dentists, office managers and hygienists to access real, proven information to help them grow their dental practices. Users who download the Spring Cleaning Marketing Guide will have access to step-by-step ideas on how to not only execute, but also track results and achieve their long-term goals for practice growth. 

All practices have untapped revenue potential sitting in the files of their lapsed patients, and it may take more than recall cards to unlock it. SmartPractice Director of Marketing Kristin Uhles adds, "Reactivation is a key part of the overall patient communication program that is easily overlooked. With the recent trend toward automated reminder software, we're finding that dental offices are losing a larger percentage of their production simply because some patients without email or cell phones can fall through the cracks. We know that when the call to action is schedule an appointment, it is all about timing and often requires several reminders during the year...especially for those two years past due."

Dental practices can conduct an annual spring-cleaning mailing using the guide's expert tips, and save big with special insider-only offers.

-The Spring Cleaning Dental Marketing Guide include

-Best practices to for Reactivating Lapsed Patients

-Shareable Facebook content

-Practice Website and Social Media refresh checklist

-Affordable ideas to update dental office design

-Special savings – and much more

-Dental offices can download the Spring Cleaning Marketing Guide now at as a gift.

SmartPractice is a family-owned company serving health care professionals with patient communications, dental practice marketing, promotional giveaways, dental supplies, filing supplies and innovative exam glove solutions for more than 40 years. To learn more, visit

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