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Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR) Inaugurated at Nobel Biocare Symposium, Awards Piccard “FOR Humanity Award”

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013


The Foundation for Oral Rehabilitation (FOR) was inaugurated today in New York during the Nobel Biocare Global Symposium 2013 taking place at the historic Waldorf Astoria between June 20 and 23. Bertrand Piccard, a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations, was awarded the foundation’s first “FOR Humanity Award.”

FOR is an independent, international initiative that unites professionals from various disciplines to improve oral healthcare and support humanitarian leadership. Joining FOR grants exclusive access to a broad range of valuable benefits created to help improve patient care in daily clinical practice. FOR connects its participants, allowing them to globally share their expertise and extend their professional profiles. Young participants can benefit from the personal mentorship and support in advancing their careers as emerging leaders in science, education and humanity.

“FOR provides a multi-dimensional platform to assist professional colleagues from diverse specialties and cultural backgrounds to focus on optimizing treatment outcomes for their patients,” according to George Zarb, Chairman FOR. "Those who join FOR become part of a community with a shared desire and dedication to improve the quality of life of patients.”

The mission of the new foundation is to achieve effective worldwide patient care through scholarship and humanitarian engagement. This network is centered around three key areas: Science, Education and Humanity.

FOR SCIENCE helps participants stay at the forefront of innovation and scientific breakthroughs by collaborating with leading experts and researchers from various fields. Through special “FORum” events, experts and participants will have the opportunity to showcase their research and share their ideas before an international audience. Additionally, a FOR participant becomes part of a leading science- and evidence-based organization at the frontiers of oral rehabilitation. By collaborating with some of the most renowned practitioners in each field, participants will have access to treatment guidelines (beginning 2014) and checklists to promote the best possible treatment outcomes for patients.

FOR EDUCATION provides an interactive learning platform, but even more, aims to unite a global community of experts to provide clinical fellowship, mentorship, and mutual support to improve the quality of life of patients. Young professionals can interact with mentors and peers for personal and professional development and life-long learning.

The FOR platform ( will provide an interactive learning environment that gives participants the ability to connect with experts and peers and keep up-to-date on the latest advancements in patient care. Patient case histories can be viewed from leading experts and learning opportunities about the latest practices and clinical and technological advances will also be available. Additionally, participants will have the chance to share and discuss patient treatment plans with a community of experts and peers.

The FOR platform also gives access to professional viewpoints covering important topics while offering the opportunity to display participant’s ideas before a global audience. Future local and global symposia will provide the chance to learn about scientific trends, explore the latest innovations and advancements and network with like-minded individuals around the world.

FOR HUMANITY recognizes humanitarian achievement and initiatives. Bertrand Piccard, was awarded the foundation’s first “FOR Humanity Award” in recognition of such efforts like his "Winds of Hope" humanitarian foundation. Shared humanitarian values and engagement are integral to FOR’s culture. They ensure support for humanitarian projects and provision of free products for treating patients in need.

FOR recognizes outstanding individuals who advance the cause of human welfare. Their continuum of achievement – from Per-Ingvar Brånemark’s Bauru Institute to Bertrand Piccard’s humanitarian leadership in the fight against Noma – are persuasive reminders that their role-modeling guides our professional lives in significant ways. Prof. Brånemark has also been elected as the first Honorary Fellow of FOR.

FOR welcomes active participation from all disciplines and specialties in the field of oral rehabilitation. Rather than strive to maximize the number of participants, FOR will look for shared humanitarian values, active participation, and a mutual commitment to contribute to the ideals of the foundation. By promoting oral healthcare and humanitarian endeavors, the foundation seeks to provide on-demand opportunities for learning, sharing and mentoring for better patient care.

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