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Flossolution® Debuts its Flossguard® Technology

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013

ORLANDO, Fla. – Flossolution® today launches its first two products with Flossguard® Technology, the Flossolution 500 Series and Flossolution Lite.  Invented by Orlando-based dentist and Flossolution Founder Dr. Tim Pruett, Flossolution’s products are the first of their kind on the market, and tackle the challenges of everyday flossing by providing an easier, painless and more effective way to floss and brush teeth. 

"In our dental practice we’ve used every technique possible to motivate patients to floss, from showing photos of how much tooth structure is lost after removing decay between teeth, to adding up the chair-time and cost required to replace it,” said Dr. Pruett.  “For most patients, the resulting motivation is short-lived and the reasons for not flossing remain the same – it hurts, my gums bleed, it takes too long, the floss gets stuck, I don’t like putting my fingers in my mouth.  I finally realized that our patients understood the importance of regular flossing, it was just too difficult for most to make it part of their daily routine.  I knew we needed a new approach and that’s when Flossolution was born!”

Developed in Dr. Pruett’s lab and tested in his office, the Flossolution 500 Series and Flossolution Lite, are his solution to overcoming the common complaints shared by his patients on a daily basis.  The Flossolution 500 Series features a sonic powered handle to help make flossing quick and easy, while the Flossolution Lite is beneficial for those who need a smaller alternative or prefer a non-powered device.  Both products feature Flossguard and Bite Bumper™ technology. 

The Flossguard safely protects gums from flossing trauma by controlling the depth the floss can travel as it moves between tooth and gum.  The Bite Bumper acts as a soft pad for opposing teeth allowing for gentle biting pressure to be applied during flossing.  Flossolution products also feature tension-free flossers which increase functional effectiveness and safety while flossing.

In addition to their flossing capabilities, both the Flossolution 500 Series and Flossolution Lite feature Brush attachments to replace the Floss attachments, making it easy to go from flossing to brushing.  The Brusharms are designed to prevent what Dr. Pruett calls the second biggest problem in preventative dentistry today, toothbrush abrasion, by utilizing soft bristles and handles that promote gentle brushing techniques. 

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