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Despite Stricter Regs, BDA Still Concerned About “High Street” Whitening

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013


The British Dental Association is still worried about “high street” whitening treatments, despite the introduction of stricter regulation by the European Union, according to British-based Cosmetic Dentistry Guide (

Last year new EU rules were brought in to try and protect members of the public, but the BDA says that there is still concern over the accessibility of whitening treatments in non-dental settings and is encouraging patients to visit their dentist for whitening treatment. Dentists believe that whitening should only be carried out by trained dental professionals as it is a dental procedure. There are risks involved, and patients should be given a proper consultation before treatment begins.

Despite advice from dentists, thousands of people in the UK are still having their teeth whitened at such venues as hair and beauty salons and shopping centers. In response to the comments from dentists, some private companies have hit back, suggesting that dentists are just trying to make money and there are no health and safety concerns related to the treatment they offer.

Dr. Stuart Johnson, from the British Dental Association, advised patients to check who was treating them and urged members of the public to stick to dental practices because of concerns about the materials used, after-care and hygiene practices. Dentists are trained to deal with problems or complications, and they also examine the patient’s mouth to check that they are a suitable candidate for treatment, as whitening can cause temporary sensitivity.

Source: Cosmetic Dentistry Guide

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