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Dental Professionals Impressed with New E4D® NEVO™ Scanner And Design Center At Las Vegas Institute

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013

MELVILLE, NY, Aug. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- More than 100 dental professionals experienced a live, hands-on demonstration last week of the new E4D® NEVO™ Scanner and Design Center during a scheduled session at The Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI), generating additional momentum for this innovative digital technology.

As part of the Henry Schein Business of Dentistry Conference, dental professionals visited LVI to witness first-hand the capabilities of NEVO, created by E4D Technologies, LLC, and exclusively distributed by Henry Schein, Inc. The NEVO Scanner is the first to use E4D's patent-pending blue laser technology, which provides exceptional data capture, video-rate speed and ease of use. The new E4D NEVO Design Center is a powerful laptop computer that uses high-speed Thunderbolt™ technology* with the NEVO Scanner to provide more power and bandwidth than USB 3 connections, resulting in extremely fast processing and alignment of scans. Plug-and-play convenience gives offices of every size the flexibility to customize their E4D NEVO configuration, thereby enhancing the restorative workflow across the entire practice.

Of NEVO's many attributes, the practitioners who experienced the system emphasized its ease of use, speed and productivity.

"It is so easy to scan intraorally -- that's huge," said Alex Touchstone, DDS, of Touchstone Dentistry, based in Hattiesburg, MS. "And the portability is great. A laptop is much more easily placed wherever you want it. It becomes more like an intraoral x-ray sensor."

NEVO also was praised for its ability to improve workflow and foster total team involvement.

In addition to the chairside benefits of NEVO, lab technicians also admired the easy ability to transfer scanned files from the dental office to the lab as well as the technology's ability to increase productivity.

"NEVO is the reason that the perception of CAD/CAM will change among the labs," said Jimmy Fincher, General Manager, Cosmetic Advantage Dental, based in McKinney, TX. "Because of the ease of use and the crispness of the images, it rivals what we can do with a box scanner from a productivity standpoint. It's even faster than a box scanner, and we're getting that same crisp image on the screen. That's the difference."

Educators also praised NEVO's ease of use and simplicity.

"NEVO is perfect for educators," said Walter Renne, DMD, Assistant Professor, Director of CAD/CAM Technologies, Medical University of South Carolina College of Dental Medicine. "Students love it because it is so intuitive and easy to use."

The new system features a laptop-based E4D NEVO Design Center, which gives the office increased flexibility and portability. Dentists can easily move the E4D NEVO Design Center from operatory to operatory, or even among multiple offices, all while wirelessly connected to the milling center for maximum productivity and patient service.

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