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Beaming White Changes the Formula in Its Advanced Teeth Whitening Kit

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Vancouver, Washington (PRWEB) July 13, 2012

Always looking to improve its industry-leading line of teeth whitening products, Beaming White has made a significant change to the formulation of the teeth whitening gel in its Advanced Whitening Kit. The change from a water-based gel to an alcohol-based one has enhanced its whitening power while increasing its shelf-life at the same time.

Beaming White’s Advanced Whitening Kit is typically sold to teeth whitening service providers for use on their customers and consists of an applicator pen with 16% hydrogen peroxide gel, a cheek retractor, a bib, a finger wipe, and a vitamin E swab. The revolutionary pen allows for the whitening gel to be easily painted on to the teeth with no need for a messy mouth tray. Because there is no risk of gel being pushed between the gums and a tray, a situation which can cause gum irritation, a more potent whitening gel can safely be used in the pen.

For dentists, the Advanced Kit comes with a syringe and a brush tip to apply the gel instead of a pen, and this version of the product is also being made with the new gel formulation. The company also makes a 20%, 25% and 36% hydrogen peroxide, highly stable, version of this formulation, something dental professionals love.

Already one of the industry’s most powerful teeth whitening gels not requiring a gingival barrier, the Advanced Whitening Kit’s new formula is measurably stronger still. However, Luis Lajous, president and founder of Beaming White, feels that the longer shelf life is equally as newsworthy. “We’re very proud of the fact that we were able to make our best-selling gel even more effective, but we’re also excited about the increased stability and longevity,” said Lajous. “Now customers can purchase one of the most effective teeth whitening gels on the market and have it remain effective for a much longer period of time. I think that’s a significant development.” Lajous was quick to add that despite giving better results the new gel remains extremely gentle on sensitive teeth and soft tissue.

More info regarding the Advanced Whitening Kit and other teeth whitening products can be found on the Beaming White website. Beaming White is a leading manufacturer of teeth whitening products with offices in five different countries and world headquarters in Vancouver, Washington.

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