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25 Dentists Recognized by Dawson Academy

Posted on Wednesday, October 9, 2013

St. Petersburg, FL (PRWEB) May 27, 2012

The Dawson Academy, provider of dentistry courses, recently recognized 25 dentists for their commitment to knowledge and pursuit to providing complete care to patients.

The group of 25 dentists was presented with “The Concept of Complete Care Dentistry Award.” These dentists spent significant time away from their dental practice and family to better their skillset for the benefit of their patients.

"Unknown to many patients, all dentists do not offer the same quality of care. Whether patients receive optimum dental care is frequently determined by the dentist’s commitment to continuing their education and skillset at an advanced continuing education center, such as The Dawson Academy," explained Joan Forrest, President and CEO.

Forrest added, "Dental school prepares its graduates to treat caries and periodontal disease. In order to treat more complex problems that involve changing the position, size or shape of teeth, further advanced study is typically required."

Similar to a physician taking measures to prevent diseases in patients, such as heart disease, Dawson Dentists are trained to take measures to prevent various oral diseases, such as periodontal disease and occlusal disease.

The Dawson Academy’s dental courses also train dentists to ensure the chewing system functions properly so the work they complete will function comfortably and last. When the system, which is composed of the teeth, chewing muscles and jaw joints, does not function properly, the results can include broken or chipped teeth and restorations; loose, sensitive or sore teeth; headaches; or teeth that wear out or shift position.

The 25 recipients have completed three dental lecture courses and four hands-on courses in The Dawson Academy’s dental continuing education core curriculum. These courses prepare dentists to practice Complete Care Dentistry, which offers each patient a comprehensive exam and predictable treatment.

The recipients include Drs. David Sobanski of Connecticut, Walter Mazzella of Maryland, Michael Hagley of Minnesota, Gerald Middleton of California, Anjum Ansari of Massachusetts, Richard Schumacher of Iowa , and Michael Cimino of Texas . Recipients also included Drs. Thomas Kuon and Charles Labin of Delaware, Drs. Brenda Switzer and Thomas Barton of Missouri, Drs. John White, Sheila Gordon-Holt and Gerald Coates of North Carolina. Additional recipients were Drs. Alan Wasserman and Victor Landon Blatter of Colorado, Drs. Micah Westmorland and Christel Westmorland of Tennessee, and Drs. Katarzyna Sekowsky, Umar Haque, Niket Sheth, Eric Abreu of Illinois. Recipients from Canada include Dr. Stefan Piche of Saskatchewan and Drs. Erwin Yeh and Mehran Ghlomani of Ontario.

You can find a Dawson Trained Dentist in your area at For more information on courses offered by The Dawson Academy, visit our website at

About The Dawson Academy

The Dawson Academy is an international provider of science-based dental continuing education, teaching dentists to comprehensively diagnose and treat dental problems with excellence and integrity. The Academy has taught dental courses to the dental industry for over 30 years and is dedicated to teaching the principles and skills necessary for the successful practice of complete, quality, and predictable dentistry. The Dawson Academy’s goal is to make good dentists even better.

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