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Atlantic Precious Metal Refining Supports OHA's Fall for Smiles

Posted on Wednesday, October 23, 2013

CHICAGO—Oral Health America's (OHA) annual Fall for Smiles® campaign encourages all Americans to keep their mouths healthy through daily brushing and flossing, regular dental visits, eating a healthy diet, and avoiding tobacco, and thanks to the support of Atlantic Precious Metal Refining, this year's campaign includes oral health tips specifically for children and older adults.

"We're thrilled to be participating in this year's Fall for Smiles campaign and we're so happy that our sponsorship is helping to provide important oral health tips for two vulnerable populations," said Josh Daab, Vice President of Sales at Atlantic Precious Metal Refining.

The tip sheets, available on the Fall for Smiles webpage at, include tips for teaching kids the proper way to brush, when they should visit the dentist, and how to make flossing easy for little hands. For older adults, the tip sheets include suggestions for making brushing and flossing easier for those with mobility issues, caring for dental appliances, and what older adults should bring to dental appointments.

In addition to the tip sheets, the Fall for Smiles webpage also features a downloadable kid's activity book full of fun experiments and activities to encourage kids of all ages to learn about oral health and why they should take care of their teeth.

To learn more about the Fall for Smiles campaign, visit

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