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Carestream Dental Introduces CS WinOMS Cloud at AAOMS Annual Meeting

Posted on Thursday, October 10, 2013


ORLANDO, Fla. – Carestream Dental introduced a cloud version of CS WinOMS practice management software at the 95th American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) Annual Meeting, being held through Saturday, Oct. 12, at the Orange County Convention Center West in Orlando, Fla.

For almost 25 years, CS WinOMS has provided oral surgeons the tools they need to effectively manage their practice. Now, CS WinOMS Cloud stores all applications, data, and patient information under one virtual roof, giving teams access to the files they need 24/7 from any device with Internet connectivity. Sensitive patient and practice management files are backed up and maintained by Carestream Dental with HIPAA-compliant storage. Additionally, CS WinOMS Cloud always utilizes the latest version of the software so practices don’t have to manually download upgrades to use new features.

“We’re in the business of saving practitioners time and making life easier, so we’ve made CS WinOMS Cloud to do just that,” said Marc Gordon, general manager for U.S. equipment and software. “We first introduced a hosted version of our orthodontic practice management software earlier this year, and now we’re expanding our hosted solution to CS WinOMS. We are excited to bring this technology to customers and look forward to partnering with them!”

With CS WinOMS Cloud, oral surgeons can easily expand their practice by adding new locations or additional users without paying for additional IT infrastructure, saving time and money that would have been spent purchasing, installing and maintaining servers. The cloud solution also offers financial predictability with monthly fees that include the cost of the software, eliminating the need to purchase separate software licenses.

“Our CS WinOMS software already serves as a reliable foundation for nearly 1,500 oral surgery practices across the country,” said Gary Salman, U.S. sales director for oral and maxillofacial surgery. “Our new CS WinOMS Cloud is going to further streamline tasks and improve workflow.”

CS WinOMS Cloud features a number of optional modules, including: the EMR-Elite module, which provides a library of customizable templates for easy, paperless documentation of patient reports, consent forms, consultation notes and surgical notes; the Point-of-Care module, which gives oral surgeons the option of viewing patient information on tablet PCs from anywhere in the office to facilitate better patient communication; TruForm module enables patients to submit their own demographics, insurance information and health history directly through a practice’s website. CS WinOMS Cloud also integrates with Criticare monitors by monitoring and recording vitals in real time, so the information can be compiled directly into patients’ EMR records.

In addition to add-on modules, a variety of eServices can be integrated into CS WinOMS Cloud to simplify and automate many essential, but time-consuming, administrative tasks such as sending appointment reminders, printing and mailing statements, and sending digital prescriptions.

CS WinOMS Cloud provides more features through third-party partnerships that: help guide practices through the process of completing reports for the attestation process and collecting available funds; automatically sync and integrate any images, informed consents, forms, notes, audio files or other documents used during consultations directly into patients’ files; utilize CS WinOMS Cloud data to provide customizable dashboards and charts for users to make more informed business decisions; and provide a drug interaction screening tool into CS WinOMS Cloud so oral surgeons can quickly create and store patient medication history in order to ensure safe medication management.

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