Premier Dental Launches "The Premier Promise"

Posted on February 19, 2018

Premier® Dental, a global developer and manufacturer of dental and medical products, announced today the launch of ‘The Premier Promise,’ an affirmation of its long-standing commitment to deliver a superior end-to-end customer experience.  CEO Julie Charlestein explained that ‘The Premier Promise’ is the company’s customer-centric pledge to do four things: (1) make it easy to do business with us; (2) provide innovative, standard-setting solutions; (3) be a product concierge for knowledge and service, and (4) make it right if we fall short.

Charlestein stated, “We know that in an era of constantly rising consumer expectations, we must continuously redefine what it means to deliver a great customer experience. While we’re excited to celebrate our 105th year, we want our customers to know that we promise to go the extra mile, every time. ‘The Premier Promise’ is our way of letting customers know that no matter how fast things change in our industry, they can count on us to deliver what we’ve always delivered:  exceptional customer service combined with undeniably proven products that enable better patient outcomes.”  

Premier’s Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Helle, stated, “To drive brand preference, affinity and loyalty for Premier and its stable of products, we must continuously evolve and upgrade our end-to-end customer experience to consistently deliver across all consumer touch points. Whether it’s browsing our website, a visit with one of our sales reps, our product performance, or a customer service call, every interaction influences customer perception of the Premier brand.”  

In addition to building trust through a ‘no questions asked’ return policy, recent customer experience upgrades include adding online chat capability, streamlining the inbound call menu tree to make it quick and easy to reach Customer Service Representatives directly and empowering each Representative with the authority to resolve any customer challenges that may arise.  Helle added, “What makes the four principles of ‘The Premier Promise’ powerful is that they work both externally to reassure our customers and internally to rally our employees—as every colleague has an important role to play in delivering the best possible customer experience.”  

Charlestein observed, “Premier has always been an innovative company, ever since it was a start-up.  As I’m the great-grand daughter of the founder, I can confirm that we’ll never stop searching for ways to deliver inspired solutions for daily dentistry to support our customers.  And with industry competition and technological innovation always intensifying, we believe that delivering on ‘The Premier Promise’ and its four principles will ultimately help drive consumer choice, brand recommendation and company longevity as we look to propel the company into the next hundred years.”   

For more information about “The Premier Promise” or about Premier Dental’s products and services, visit:

RecordLinc Launches Patient-To-Patient Online Dentist Referral Software

Posted on February 16, 2018

Today, after months of successful beta testing, RecordLinc, a dental practice management software company, announces the official launch of “I LUV MY DENTIST”, the newest addition to their suite of automation products. This web-based software gives patients a simple way to submit word of mouth referrals using email, texting, and social media platforms. The fully automated system seamlessly integrates with the most popular practice management systems and requires no team training. Once “I LUV MY DENTIST” is installed, it operates on autopilot, inviting top patients to refer friends to dental practices by sharing contact information. “70% of patients say they chose their dentist based on a word of mouth referral and we make it easy to increase word of mouth referrals,” said Travis Rodgers, CEO of RecordLinc.

Another feature of “I LUV MY DENTIST” is the addition of positive testimonials listed directly on the dental office website. “When your existing patients like and trust you, they’re your strongest advocates,” said Rodgers. “To celebrate the launch, we are sharing the ‘LUV’ with our customers. For a limited time, we’ll waive the startup fee, offer 50% off the monthly service cost, and 100% of the proceeds this week will go to the DonateDentist non-profit.”

More on the Valentine’s Day Offer, visit

To learn more about “I Luv My Dentist” and how it can make it easier for your patients to refer, visit


Ivoclar Vivadent CEO Addresses NADL’s Vision 21 Meeting

Posted on February 16, 2018

Robert A. Ganley, President and CEO of Ivoclar Vivadent North America, addressed an audience of an estimated 300 dental laboratory owners and managers from the US and Canada last month during the NADL’s Vision 21 Meeting in Las Vegas. During his “State of the Industry” General Session, Ganley presented a comprehensive review of the global dental and dental laboratory marketplace, marking the fourth time he has done so since the early 2000s.

"The dental industry remains a consistently growing, attractive, and important sector of the healthcare industry," said Ganley. “This is supported by the leadership of dentists, dental laboratories, and dental product manufacturers, which has resulted in significant opportunities for more predictable, functional, and esthetic outcomes.”

By emphasizing global dental markets, market demographics, old and new trends, and new technologies, Ganley summarized his observations about how the dental industry is performing and provided his outlook regarding what lies ahead. Consistent with the three-day NADL meeting’s theme of “Design Your Success,” Ganley’s address helped attendees explore ways to provide true value to their organizations and successfully navigate the future.

“The demographics of the industry bode well for the future. Lab productivity will increase, as will overall lab production,” added Ganley.  “Dentistry is in a premium position in healthcare.”

Ganley explained that the global dental market grew 2.5% in 2017, with emerging markets such as Mexico, Brazil, India, Russia, and China growing at 6%. He elaborated on key product growth trends for the upcoming year: he predicts double-digit growth in orthodontic aligners and intraoral scanner sales.  As for digital dentures, direct restorations, crown and bridge, and all-ceramic restorations he forecasts better than traditional market growth.

“Mr. Ganley did a marvelous job of showing dentistry’s progression over the course of time and reflected on trend cycles between four different time periods measured,” commented Bennett Napier, CAE, Chief Staff Executive, for the National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL). “Attendees walked away with a clear view of where to invest their time and money for product segmentation relative to dental clients, as well as a clear growth trajectory to help them budget profitability over the next three to five years.”

PREAT Corporation Introduces Bidra Conversion Smart Polishing Cap

Posted on February 16, 2018

PREAT Corporation introduces yet another innovative tool: the Bidra Conversion Smart Polishing Cap, for your next conversion from removable to a fixed prosthesis.

External rough areas attract bacteria and may lead to soft tissue inflammation and bone loss around the implants. Existing polishing caps only protect the inside of the coping, not the outside!

The Bidra Conversion Smart Polishing Cap, designed by Dr. Avinash S. Bidra, D.D.S., M.S., F.A.C.P., has an extended metal rim that protects both the inside and outside of the metal coping, preventing damage during pickup, trimming, polishing and finishing the prosthesis. For information, or 800-232-7732.


Carbon Announces New Partnerships and Materials

Posted on February 16, 2018

Carbon ( has announced two new partnerships with DENTCA and DREVE. Through these collaborations, Carbon is aiming to change how the dental world produces customized products with the introduction of new 3D-printed dentures with DENTCA and gingiva masks and trays with DREVE.

“While 3D printing is not new to the dental market, Carbon provides a complete solution with a very unique partnership approach, enabling dental labs to easily design and manufacture customized, high-quality products for their customers,” said Brian Ganey, General Manager of Carbon’s Oral Care Business. “Carbon is transforming manufacturing in the dental industry with robust and reliable 3D printers, a wide range of industrial-grade dental materials, and next-gen software that enables all these pieces to work together seamlessly. But we don’t stop there: Carbon also provides continuous one-to-one service and support, meaning we engage closely with each of our dental customers to understand their individual requirements and develop new production-quality materials, so the range of materials will continue to grow. We’re there at every step of the process.”

Carbon offers a revolutionary alternative to 3D printing, fusing light and oxygen to rapidly produce products from a pool of resin. Its Digital Light Synthesis (DLS) technology, robust and reliable 3D printers, and unique programmable and biocompatible liquid resins deliver a complete solution for all dental production needs. Carbon’s solution significantly improves efficiency and accuracy, reduces time from design to manufacture, and provides important features such as part traceability and serialization through next-gen software design tools. Everything is digitally traceable, down to a unique ID that can automatically be engraved or embossed on any part. This unique ID can be used to identify the digital historical record of the part, including identifying the specific printer, resin, and even post-processing protocols that were involved in making that part.

With DENTCA, Carbon dental customers will now have access to the first FDA-cleared (Class II) materials for 3D-printed dentures – DENTCA Denture Base II and DENTCA Denture Teeth for Carbon printers. When used together, these two materials produce digitally-manufactured dentures that dental technicians or operators can make without having any traditional denture fabrication knowledge. The DENTCA Denture Try-in material is also available as part of the solution for temporary fit evaluation before production of the final product.

Through its collaboration with DREVE comes two new dental materials – DREVE FotoDent® gingiva and DREVE FotoDent® tray for Carbon printers. These materials enable dental and orthodontic laboratories to rapidly 3D manufacture gingiva masks and dental impression trays with Carbon’s technology.

In addition to these new third-party resins, Carbon also partnered with Whip Mix late last year to develop Whip Mix Surgical Guide for Carbon printers. Sold by Whip Mix for use on Carbon printers in the United States, the clear resin is intended for fast production of dental surgical guides using Carbon’s DLS technology.

The new DENTCA and DREVE materials are slated to be available by end of March. The Whip Mix Surgical Guide for Carbon printers is currently available.

Premier Dental Launches New PremierAir Product Line

Posted on February 15, 2018

Premier Dental, a global developer and manufacturer of dental and medical products, today announced its new PremierAir™ line of innovative hygiene and diagnostic instruments for dental professionals. These lightweight, ergonomically designed instruments combine rugged polymer handles with a comfortable non-slip grip. Less pressure is needed to maintain control and that means there’s finally a better solution to reduce hand fatigue. Each instrument is made to the highest standards by master craftspersons in the U.S.A. and undergoes extensive testing to ensure a long working life.

“Premier is proud to be adding PremierAir products to its line of inspired solutions for daily dentistry,” said Julie Charlestein, president and CEO of Premier Dental. “We worked closely with dental hygienists and other dental professionals to create instruments that feature excellent design and quality construction at a great price point, while providing better function and reducing hand fatigue.”

All PremierAir instruments feature the same ergonomic, lightweight handle design. Details on the individual product lines are as follows: 

• PremierAir Probex delivers the convenience of a probe and explorer in one instrument. The probes have easy-to-view, black markings that are recessed into the tips, greatly reducing wear. The explorer has excellent tactile sensitivity and sharp points for easy and consistent detection of tooth texture and surface irregularities, which is vital for the early detection of caries, calculus, and restorative marginal adaptation.

• PremierAir hygiene scalers and curettes feature tips made from 440A stainless steel utilizing SmartSharp® Technology that ensures well-defined, sharp edges. This helps achieve a glass-like tooth surface more easily, which means less repetitive motion and reduced muscle fatigue for the user.

• PremierAir explorers are available in all popular styles. Like the Probex, they have excellent tactile sensitivity and sharp points to help quickly and easily detect any tooth irregularities.

For more information about the PremierAir line of dental products or about Premier Dental’s other products and services, visit:


Darby Dental Supply Expands Capital Equipment Offerings with Complete Air Techniques Line

Posted on February 15, 2018

Darby Dental Supply, one of the nation’s largest distributors of dental supplies and services, recently expanded its equipment portfolio to include the full line of Air Techniques products. This addition is the latest advancement in Darby’s aim to partner with leading manufacturers and suppliers to strengthen its position as a single-source solution for supplies, services, and capital equipment.

Darby launched its capital equipment division in 2009 and has been continuously focused on expanding its product lines and services to become a leading resource in capital equipment.

In 2016, Darby announced an exclusive partnership with equipment repair leader Dental Fix Rx, allowing Darby to expand its customer offerings to include nationwide equipment service, installation, and repair. The partnership will now allow Darby customers to receive expert installation on all Air Techniques equipment.

“Darby is constantly striving to provide our customers with everything they need for their practice,” remarked Scott Walsh, VP of Sales, Darby Dental Supply. “This latest expansion with Air Techniques solidifies Darby as a key player in the capital equipment arena.”

Partnering with industry-leading manufacturers like Air Techniques strengthens Darby’s ability to meet increased customer demand for fully integrated solutions. In addition to its recent capital equipment expansion, the Company also invested in a new user-optimized website and mobile app, expanded its specialty product offerings, and debuted Darby TechForce®, the Company’s new technology services division. 

Master the Art of Direct Resin Bonding at The Center for Esthetic Excellence in Downtown

Posted on February 14, 2018

The amazing duo of Dr. Buddy Mopper and Dr. Bob Marges will be presenting “Catch the Composite Wave and Surf Its Potential” at the Center for Esthetic Excellence on May 10-11, 2018. Dr. Mopper is one of the pioneers of direct resin bonding who has taught thousands of clinicians how to successfully incorporate direct resin bonding into their practices. Dr. Margeas, Des Moines Iowa’s “top dentist”, is coming to Chicago with his award-winning esthetic dentistry to teach with Dr. Mopper. As some of his students proclaim, Dr. Margeas “rocks” and is the dentists’ dentist. Join this class and master the art of direct resin bonding with these two masters! For more information, call and REGISTER TODAY at 800-837-2321 or visit us online at

Dr. Dennis Hartlieb will be presenting “CPR for Worn Dentition” at the Center for Esthetic Excellence June 7-9. Dr. Hartlieb was named by DPR as one of the five top dentists to watch. His informative lectures on the art and science of anterior and posterior direct resin techniques have been presented worldwide to great acclaim. Call now to hold your place with this incredible technician. For more information, call and REGISTER TODAY at 800-837-2321 or visit us online at


Parkell Launches LC Base Light Cure Restorative Composite

Posted on February 14, 2018

Parkell’s NEW LC Base Restorative composite acts as a perfect flowable resin for use under anterior or posterior composite restorations. Featuring a high flow, self- leveling consistency, LC Base will conform to irregular, deep preparations prior to topping off with Parkell’s HyperFIL dual cure, bulk fill resin or any conventional composite. Parkell LC Base contains a proprietary low-shrinkage resin allowing the clinician to bulk fill up to 4mm increments and to ensure reliable marginal seals. LC Base is available in two shades: Universal (A1/A2) and Enamel.

For more information or to order, visit

Air Techniques to Sponsor CE Courses at Chicago Midwinter Meeting

Posted on February 14, 2018

MELVILLE, New York — (February 13, 2018)— Air Techniques, Inc., a leading innovator and manufacturer of dental equipment will be sponsoring six different continuing education (CE) coursesat the 153rd Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting. This annual meeting is being held on February 22 through February 24 at McCormick Place West. Attendees will have the opportunity to earn up to six CE credits at Exhibit Hall Booth 1425. There will be three different courses offered on Thursday, February 22 and Friday, February 23, each presented by a different practitioner.  

Topics that will be discussed include: Detect Early and Restore Minimally; Infection ControlRadiation Safety with the Pediatric and Adolescent PatientPracticing Ideal Pediatric DentistryBetter Equipping Your Dental Practice; and Solving the Diagnostic Dilemma. Courses will be presented by Susan McMahon, DMD, Sheri Doniger, DDS, Juan Yepes, DDS, Mark Cannon, DDS, Gregori Kurtzman, DDS, and Ron Kaminer, DDS.

“We are excited to be offering six continuing education courses for the first time at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting, free of charge on the convention floor,” said Jennifer Brown, Air TechniquesTrade Show and CE Events Manager. “Air Techniquesmaintains AGD (Academy of General Dentistry) accreditation, which allows us to offer this great opportunity to attendees.” 

Each CE course will be held at Exhibit Hall Booth 1425 and are one hour in length, qualifying attendees for one CE Core credit per course. You are encouraged to registerahead of time as space is limited. To view full course descriptions visit the Air Techniques website. Representatives will be available at the Air Techniques’Booth 1834 for more information.

Visit Air Techniques at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting, booth 1834. For more information on Air Techniques, please visit Become a fan of Air Techniques on Facebook and follow the company on Twitterand Instagram. To learn more about HHA please visit


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