International Osteology Symposium Barcelona to be Held April 25-27, 2019

Posted on July 11, 2018

Geistlich Pharma North America, Inc. is proud to support the upcoming International Osteology Symposium taking place in Barcelona, Spain, April 25-27, 2019. This well-established symposium will focus on oral regeneration therapies and will feature innovative topics and formats along with a world-class set of speakers – all under the new title, “The NEXT REGENERATION”. 

The chairmen of Osteology Barcelona 2019 are Christoph Hämmerle, Switzerland, and Maurício Araújo, Brazil. In a joint statement they explain, “The title the NEXT REGENERATION combines the key aspects of the symposium in Barcelona: on the one hand, the next generation of regenerative therapies, i.e. the latest developments in techniques and technologies; and on the other hand, the next generation of dentists, not only as attendees of the program, but also featuring upcoming experts in the field of oral tissue regeneration.” 

Accordingly, the chairmen have planned specific sessions with young dentists and special sessions for researchers. Furthermore, concepts and formats, such as the Osteology Case Session, will also be part of the program, allowing more clinicians to actively participate. 

“But despite all the new aspects, one thing has definitely not changed”, the chairmen together further explain. “In April 2019 the International Osteology Symposium is again the place to be for all oral and maxillofacial surgeons, periodontists and oral health professionals interested in implant dentistry and regenerative therapies, where internationally renowned experts will present the current state of knowledge and research, and link science with practice in oral regeneration.” 

For three days the participants at Osteology Barcelona 2019 will have the possibility of delving intensively into the current state of knowledge and research in oral tissue regeneration, and also getting a glimpse into the future, with novel techniques and materials. 

More information, the program, online registration and much more are available online at

Kulzer Names Marc Berendes New CEO

Posted on July 11, 2018

Kulzer announced that it has appointed Marc Berendes the new CEO of its global organization. He replaces Akira Misawa, who returns to Japan to assume a new responsibility at Mitsui Chemicals headquarters after overseeing the successful integration of Kulzer into the Mitsui Chemicals (MCI) Group. Kulzer also announced that Hiromi Hayashida and Stefan Klomann will join the company’s Board of Management.

Mr. Berendes, who is an existing member of Kulzer’s Board of Management, had been responsible for sales, customer service, and marketing as the company’s Chief Sales Officer since 2016. Prior to joing Kulzer, the Canadian native enjoyed a successful career in various sales, marketing, and finance management positions for a number of renowned healthcare companies.

As CEO, Mr. Berendes’ knowledge of both Kulzer and the dental industry will enable him to lead the company’s focus on supporting customers in optimizing the workflows in their dental offices and laboratories. Another key objective is a faster time to market for product innovations. “We will further develop our vision to be the lifetime partner of our customers,“ he said. “We will focus our innovation on those areas that maximize productivity gains for dentists and dental technicians and create the solutions and services that help our customers restore patients’ oral health.”

The new CEO will also strive to expand the company’s business in the Middle East, South America, and Asia, as well as the Kulzer Service offering. “I’m proud of what we have achieved already and we will continue to grow,“ he added.

Mr. Hayashida, in his new position as Senior Executive Vice President, will be responsible for legal, regulatory affairs, quality, and global safety management. In addition, he will play an important role in maximizing the potential synergies that exist between MCI and Kulzer. Part of the management team of Kulzer North America since 2017, Mr. Hayashida has been with MCI since 1989 and has a degree in Chemical Engineering. He has held a number of different international management assignments within the MCI Group, with the majority being US-based.

Also new on the board of management is Stefan Klomann, who will join the company on July 16 as Chief Marketing Officer. Previously, he held various senior leadership positions at leading dental companies, and has many years of experience in marketing.

The open position of Chief Sales Officer will also be assigned soon. Unchanged members of the Board of Management are Chief Human Relations Officer Andrea von Popowski, Chief Operating Officer/Chief Strategy Officer Andreas Bacher, and Chief Finance Officer Clemens Höß.

For customers, however, nothing changes on a daily basis. Their contacts remain the same and the Kulzer North American management team is not further affected.

NADL Announces New Affinity Partnership with Cadmus Dental

Posted on July 11, 2018

The National Association of Dental Laboratories has announced a new affinity partnership with Cadmus Dental.

As the trade association representing the dental laboratory community, one of NADL’s goals is to help dental laboratories operate effectively and efficiently in a challenging and evolving dental industry. The integration of digital workflow promises high quality products, production efficiencies, and even cost savings. Dental laboratories moving towards a digital path may face investment challenges, and generally they need access to specialized technical and business knowledge to be able to choose the right equipment for their respective business model. 

As part of the partnership, NADL members will have the opportunity to work with Cadmus in a number of areas including:

     •Business Services and Strategy 

     •Equipment ROI Analysis 

     •Workflow Partnerships

Cadmus CEO Scott Parsinen stated, “Cadmus Dental is honored to be recognized as a valued partner to NADL and its members.  Our goal is to help the industry grow. This partnership will help support creation of new dental laboratories, help existing dental labs become more efficient and profitable, and lead to further growth in the number of new individuals needed to enter the dental technician workforce.”

Cadmus Dental provides their services though a subscription model. NADL members will receive services as a Cadmus subscriber at the standard level, free of charge for the first six months.  NADL members will then have the opportunity to consider upgrading to different tiers within the Cadmus café based on their unique needs.

2018 Spring CDT Pillar Scholarship Recipients Announced

Posted on July 11, 2018

The Foundation for Dental Laboratory Technology has announced the winners of the 2018 Spring CDT Pillar Scholarship:

     •Andrew Hurst –  Summerville, SC

     •Antony Stukes – Durham, NC

     •Christina Farner – Rochester, NY

     •Corinne Chan – Pomona, CA

     •Danielle Lauer, RG – Tucson, AZ

     •David Johnson, CDT – Madison, WI

     •Dena Engel, CDT – Beasley, TX

     •Destanie Henderson – Princeton, TX

     •Diana Shveyko – Chicopee, MA

     •Gale Matthews – Torrington, CT

     •James Redden – Grand Prairie, TX

     •Jonathan Greer – Abilene, TX

     •Kate Nguyen, CDT – Los Angeles, CA

     •Leon Whitfield – Jacksonville, FL

     •Michael Blanton, CDT – Hewitt, TX

     •Nicholas Deister, RG– Marion, IA

     •Thomas Evans – Garfield Heights, OH

     •Tobie Dunlap – Cedar Lake, IN

     •Uyen Nguyen – Orange, CA

     •Vladimir Rebyakov – North Royalton, OH

     •William Conover – Absecon, NJ

The CDT Pillar Scholarship is designed to allow qualified dental technicians the opportunity to sit for the three examinations that comprise the Certified Dental Technician (CDT) examination process. Scholarship recipients will have their application and testing fees covered to take the written comprehensive examination, written specialty examination, and hands-on practical examination, one time each. The scholarship amount awarded varies upon the individual’s current certification process, but could potentially reach up to $935.

The CDT Pillar Scholarship has been offered since 2004. “The Foundation has awarded more CDT Pillar Scholarships in the past three and a half years than in the first decade of its existence. The reason behind this growth is simple – the Foundation’s dedicated donors,” said Foundation Chair, Gary Iocco.

The CDT Pillar Scholarship is offered twice each year – once in the spring, and once in the fall. The application deadline for the 2018 Fall CDT Pillar Scholarship is September 15, 2018. Click here for details on this opportunity.

The Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The purpose of the Foundation is to advance the profession of dental laboratory technology by addressing industry-driven needs and providing solutions that are relevant and accessible to dental technicians and other members of the dental team.

The Foundation’s ability to increase grants and create new programs to support education and workforce training are based solely on contributions from individuals and companies. Donations are accepted throughout the year. To support the Foundation, please visit   

Loupes for all Facial Types with the ErgoFit Nose Pad

Posted on July 9, 2018

The best performing loupes are the ones that fit the best - determined both by how the frame fits the face, and how the ocular is positioned for the eye. For some clinicians, fitting problems can occur because of varying facial features.

For example:

Eyelashes touching oculars

Peripheral vision being blocked by the ocular for clinicians with certain facial features

Fogging carrier lenses due to limited ventilation

Drop-in eye prescription lenses touching the face

With the ErgoFit Nose Pad, developed by SurgiTel in 2017, the space between the oculars and eyes can be optimized, eliminating fitting issues like the ones above.

Multiple options available for best fit for the clinician.


Eliminates fitting issue due to facial feature variance

Greater adjustability and fine tuning, so the clinician can truly customize their fit

More comfortable and allows for better vision


National Dentex Acquires Thayer Dental Laboratory

Posted on July 9, 2018

National Dentex, LLC, the largest network of dental labs by revenue in the US, has acquired the assets of Thayer Dental Laboratory in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

Thayer Dental Laboratory opened its doors in October, 1976, and has a strong commitment to excellence, offering the very best in fixed, removable, and implant restorations to its customers.

“Thayer has a longstanding history of quality and innovation,” said Greg Thayer, founder of Thayer Dental Laboratory. “This commitment to helping dentists grow their practices through quality and partnership makes this laboratory a perfect fit for the NDX network of laboratories. We look forward to continuing Thayer Dental Laboratory’s legacy of putting the customer first through excellent support and service.”

By joining forces with NDX, Thayer will now also be able to provide customers exciting technology like NTI for headache therapy and nSequence Guided Prosthetics® - the leading solution for guided immediate loading of the full arches.

“We are thrilled to become part of the NDX network, and we sincerely look forward to continuing our commitment to helping our customers grow their practices with leading edge technologies and outstanding customer service,” said Robert Gitman, General Manager of NDX Thayer.


Palmero Healthcare Contest Bringing Smiles to Practices and Patients Everywhere

Posted on July 9, 2018

If you’re a longtime Palmero Healthcare customer you’re used to service with a smile, including the Happy Face design that’s synonymous with Palmero’s Cling Shield® x-ray apron brand. Now after 30 years of bringing smiles to patients, the Happy Face design is getting a companion. Rather than pick from a pre-existing design, Palmero decided to let the public find the new face of the company. “The Happy Face has been a long time best seller and synonymous with our brand,” said Palmero President Karen Neiner. “Many clinicians, especially those who work in pediatric offices, have come to rely on it because it puts children at ease. Once we decided the Happy Face needed some company, we held a contest to design the Smiley Face apron. The winning entry tapped a digital emoji style as an inspiration. We loved the design and felt it would be a style that resonated with clinicians and patients alike.”

The contest drew designers from around the world. Palmero received more than 75 submissions, making selecting the winner a challenge in itself. The winner, who received a cash prize for his efforts, and his design will now be known as the ‘Smiley’. It will be available this summer on select Palmero’s Cling Shield® child x-ray apron styles.

The new Smiley aprons will come in 3 unique styles. It will feature medical-grade textured vinyl Cling Shield® backing that clings in place ensuring coverage by preventing slippage and providing stability and high-density lead along with Palmero’s Lead-Free materials to effectively shield the patient from radiation. They will be available in Child Protectall Apron with Neck Collar; Child Apron, No Collar; Child Pano Dual Apron, No Collar. For more information, visit, email or call 800.344.6424.

About Palmero Healthcare

Palmero Healthcare has been committed to bringing a wide range of infection prevention products such as hospital-level disinfectants, barrier products, and safety products to the dental community since 1957. With quality and reliable dental products, Palmero’s goal is to become the recognized leader in infection prevention and safety products. We take pride in knowing that our legacy will continue to expand and flourish as a Hu-Friedy subsidiary where our MISSION is to provide infection prevention and safety products that protect clinicians, patients, and the practice.

Genuine Zest Products for Straumann® Implants Now Available Through Zest Retail and Distribution

Posted on July 5, 2018

Zest Dental Solutions® has announced that clinicians and laboratories can now order LOCATOR®, LOCATOR R-Tx®, and LOCATOR F-Tx® components for Straumann Implants directly from Zest or a Zest Distributor.

The award-winning LOCATOR Attachment System was launched 17 years ago. Beginning in 2004, LOCATOR Abutments and Components for Straumann Implants were only available directly from Straumann. As of July 2, 2018, customers have the flexibility of ordering Zest Products for Straumann Implants directly from Zest or a Zest Distributor. Products include LOCATOR, the next generation LOCATOR R-Tx Removable Attachment System and the revolutionary LOCATOR F-Tx Fixed Attachment System. All systems are available for Tissue Level (NNC, RN, WN) and Bone Level (NC, RC) Straumann implant platforms.

Structo’s Dental 3D Printers Empower ClearCaps to Deliver Superior Clear Aligners

Posted on July 5, 2018

ClearCaps is one of Europe’s leading clear aligner brands, founded in Berlin, Germany, in 2016 by now-Chief Unbrace Officer, Jesse Bartels. When Jesse was looking to expand ClearCaps’ fleet of 3D printers, there were two criteria more important than any others: ease of maintenance, and the scalability of the technology. Today, Structo’s Mask Stereolithography (MSLA)-powered 3D printers form an integral part of the Berlin company’s cutting-edge manufacturing facilities.

“We always strive to be at the forefront of the latest technology to help us deliver superior treatment outcomes,“ explains Jesse. ClearCaps also uses state-of-the-art 3D software for treatment planning and tracking of its cases. “To meet our high quality, high volume manufacturing requirements, we look for a printer that can deliver the throughput we require over time as we rapidly increase our production volumes. When we came across Structo’s impressive MSLA technology more than 2 years ago, we decided to get on board.“ 

With a large build platform, Structo’s latest dental 3D printer, the DentaForm, is capable of printing up to 10 clear aligner molds in 30 minutes, a throughput rate that is ideal for large volume clear aligner manufacturing. “We are now printing around 250 models every 24-hour cycle. To know that the MSLA printers can handle that volume and still have room for more, that helps us scale our manufacturing and expand our market reach rapidly,“ adds Jesse.

“We want to make sure that we continue to help companies like ClearCaps deliver superior treatment outcomes by providing 3D printing solutions that are cost effective, easy to maintain, and able to deliver the production volumes needed,“ Dhruv Sahgal says. “Working with leading aligner brands helps us understand the growing needs of aligner manufacturers and helps Structo bring solutions to support those needs.”

The clear aligner market has been expanding at a rapid pace, seeing double digit growth annually, and ClearCaps is poised to make a significant mark with their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. “Looking at the way the industry is growing, we are projected for significant growth in the coming years. With the help of Structo, we will continue to deliver superior product offerings the market needs. We are barely scratching the surface at the moment,“ adds Jesse.

Ivoclar Vivadent Hosts 4th International Expert Symposium

Posted on July 5, 2018

Rome provided the attractive backdrop for this year’s International Expert Symposium organized by Ivoclar Vivadent. The fourth event of the series “The Quality of Esthetics” took place from June 15th to 16th, 2018, at the trendy cultural palace Parco della Musica in one of Rome’s new architectural highlights. Eighteen world-class speakers shared and discussed concepts in dentistry and dental technology that were aimed to help provide high-quality patient care in the modern age of digital change.

The symposium was held under the topic “Advanced Digital and Esthetic Dentistry” and attracted 1,000 participants from all continents to Italy’s capital. In view of the pressing questions related to the digital developments currently taking place, the symposium was extended to two days. In addition, breakout sessions provided deeper insight into specific topics. In his welcome address, Robert Ganley, CEO of Ivoclar Vivadent AG, said: “The international symposium is a platform where researchers, opinion leaders, and users in the clinical and technical field of dentistry can exchange views and learn from each other.”

From analog to digital

How can users who learned the ins and outs of their trade in the analog world make smart use of digital technology in the workplace? This question was central to many speakers at the symposium. Representing the views of many of his colleagues, Dominique Vinci, dental technician from Switzerland, maintained that digital technology offers advantages at many stages in restorative dentistry, starting from optical impression-taking. Oliver Brix (Germany) stated that in spite of all the advantages offered by digital technology, the knowledge and expertise of the dentist-technician team, a clear vision of the treatment goal, competent planning, skilful and patient-oriented finishing, and above all, dedication and passion would remain decisive for the success of dental restorations. To demonstrate his views, he showcased several patient cases in which a blend of conventional and digital techniques were skilfully used to achieve astonishing results. Similarly outstanding results were also shown by Dr. Andreas Kurbad (Germany) and Professor Dr. Stefan Koubi (France), together with Hilal Kuday (Turkey). A comparison of analog and digital protocols in removable prosthodontics was provided by an Italian team of four, consisting of Dr. Pietro Venezia, Dr. Alessio Casucci, and dental technicians Pasquale Lacasella and Alessandro Ielasi. Their views were consonant with those of their colleagues and they were echoed by dental technician Stefan Strigl (Italy), who stated: “Neither dentists nor technicians are handing over the reins to technology; it is only the tools that change.”

Strategies for daily work

If you want to apply new materials and strategies, you want to be confident that you can rely on them.  Using the example of an implant reconstruction in the esthetic anterior zone, Priv. Doz. Dr. Arndt Happe (Germany) and master dental technician Vincent Fehmer (Switzerland) tested the waters of the latest dental technology. Their findings were elaborated by Dr. Mirela Feraru and Prof. Dr. Nitzan Bichacho (Israel) who presented the concept of “Cervical Contouring” to achieve natural soft tissue integration, drawing from several clinical cases.

Guided by nature

Irrespective of whether conventional or digital processes are used, the result is what matters in the end. This was shown particularly clearly in a case involving bone augmentation planning, presented by Dr. Francesco Mintrone (Italy). His advice was to look carefully at new software, hardware, and materials before starting to use them, as they vary in performance capabilities. The importance of an informed decision-making process was also emphasized by Dr. Victor Clavijo and dental technician Murilo Calgaro (Brazil): preparation, shade matching, and ingot selection need to be considered when choosing a material to be sure that the natural tooth structure can be rebuilt as closely to nature as possible.

The maxim that nature should be the guide—rather than a zest for e.g. maxing out limits—was also central to the presentation of Dr. Gianfranco Politano (Italy). He advocated using a simplified protocol involving restorations in only two increments (Class II) and an efficient cusp build-up to recreate the occlusal morphology in the posterior region.

In dialogue with attendees

The attendees were encouraged to participate in the presentations. To facilitate audience participation, Ivoclar Vivadent designed an event-specific app where questions could be posted. The questions were answered by Professor Francesco Mangani, event moderator, and the speakers in live Q&A sessions at the auditorium. The dialogue was continued in a relaxed atmosphere at the “Ivoclar Vivadent and Friends” gala dinner on the hill of Monte Mario. The guests enjoyed resplendent views of Rome and the nearby Vatican in the sunset.

The dialogue with dentists and dental technicians will be continued. At the end of the event, Paolo Castoldi, Managing Director of the Ivoclar Vivadent subsidiary in Italy, announced the next edition of the International Expert Symposium, which will be held in Paris in two years.

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