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Special Issues
November 2015
Volume 11, Issue 4

Advanced Interdental Cleaning and Gingival Care

Improved oral care that patients and professionals appreciate

Cindy Sensabaugh, RDH

Patients are really busy today, and they don’t always devote as much time to their oral health as dental professionals would like. Nearly half of American adults have some level of periodontal disease, ranging from gingivitis to more advanced stages of periodontal disease. Gingival concerns are a big problem and something we see commonly in practice. In fact, sometimes we see patients who have had gingivitis for such a long time that bleeding gums seem normal to them. It’s up to dental professionals to educate their patients about gingival health and how to ensure optimal care at home.

The features of the Sonicare FlexCare Platinum can help patients take control of improving their oral health. Sonicare FlexCare Platinum (Figure 1) features an intuitive pressure sensor that helps patients know if they are brushing too aggressively. Patients get an audible and sensory warning if too much pressure is put on the brush, so they can be a little more careful in their technique. In addition, Sonicare FlexCare Platinum has nine different brushing combinations so patients can personalize their brushing. Three cleaning modes (clean, white, and deep clean) and three intensity settings (low, medium, high) mean the patient has a lot of control over the brushing experience.

The InterCare brush head (Figure 2 and Figure 3) for Sonicare FlexCare Platinum has different levels of bristles, some of which are extra long to reach deep interproximally. It is clinically proven to remove up to seven times more biofilm from between teeth than a manual toothbrush. This brush head is ideal for patients who may need more interproximal cleaning, as well as patients who are undergoing orthodontic treatment, because those bristles will help remove additional biofilm around the brackets.

The AdaptiveClean brush head has flexible sides that allow the brush to contour to the teeth and the gingival margins, providing up to four times more surface contact than other brush heads. The combination of the AdaptiveClean brush head and the intuitive pressure sensor really helps patients do a very good job with removing biofilms in a gentle fashion. It helps to remove up to 10 times more biofilm than a manual toothbrush in hard-to-reach areas, and is also clinically proven to improve gingival health in just 2 weeks. We surveyed users who tried the deep clean mode with the AdaptiveClean brush head, and 90% of users experienced an improved clean feeling along the gum line.

In addition, all Sonicare brushes have patented sonic technology that creates a powerful yet gentle dynamic cleaning action. Sonicare provides 31,000 brush strokes per minute, which just can’t be matched with a manual toothbrush. With the 31,000 brush strokes and dynamic cleaning action of a Sonicare, patients just do a better job versus a manual toothbrush.

The evidence of efficacy is not just anecdotal. In a single-blind, randomized clinical study1, the Sonicare FlexCare Platinum with the InterCare brush head was tested against a manual toothbrush. A group of people who had mild to moderate gingivitis brushed twice a day for a 4-week period. The study assessed gingivitis, bleeding, and biofilm at 2 and 4 weeks. The researchers found that the Sonicare FlexCare Platinum significantly reduced gingivitis, gingival bleeding, and biofilm following 2 and 4 weeks of use.

This brush is truly for everyone. Patients with gingival concerns and even good tooth brushers can experience improvement in their brushing, biofilm removal, and gingival health with Sonicare FlexCare Platinum.


1. Ward M, Argosino K, Jenkins W, et al. Comparison of gingivitis and plaque reduction over time by Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum and a manual toothbrush. Philips Oral Healthcare. 2012.

About the Author

Cindy Sensabaugh, RDH, is senior manager, professional education and academic relations at Philips. A registered dental hygienist, she practiced for 12 years and was an adjunct clinical instructor at Valencia Community College for 2 years. She has also served as secretary, chair-elect, and chair of the American Dental Education Association’s Section on Dental Hygiene Education.

Reasons to Buy Philips Sonicare FlexCare Platinum

Patented Sonic Technology

Creates a powerful yet gentle dynamic cleaning action that reaches deep between the teeth and around the gingival margin

Customized Brushing Experience

Three intensity settings allow patients to personalize their brushing experience for improved compliance

Improved Efficacy

Clinically proven to significantly reduce gingivitis, gingival bleeding, and biofilm with regular use

Better Infection Control

Sanitizer with UV light can kill 99% of bacteria, a very important feature for dental professionals and health-oriented patients

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