Special Issues
April 2015
Volume 11, Issue 1

Time-Saving Technology with High-Quality Results

Heraeus Kulzer’s new Pala Digital Denture System uses CAD/CAM design and 3D software to model dentures for a great fit with excellent esthetics. The combination of dramatic time savings, digital precision, and the exceptionally life-like esthetics makes the Pala Digital Denture System an exciting upgrade for dental practices, laboratories, and patients alike.

From the Dentist

“Reducing chair time is what it’s all about—for both my practice and my patients—and the Pala Digital Denture System certainly delivers on that count. It also delivers the accuracy and predictability that only CAD/CAM technology can provide, plus I love having the ability to make a replica of the denture using the digital record. On top of all that, you can take advantage of this impressive technology without having to invest in a new piece of equipment.”

David Little, DDS
Private Practice
San Antonio, Texas

From the Laboratory

“The beauty of this technology is that it shows the final tooth position in the prototype for approval, so the bite registration and vertical dimension are approved upfront. Another advantage of the PALA Digital Denture System is that it uses PALA denture teeth, which are specifically made with and for CAD/CAM technology. Our lab has been a big advocate of PALA teeth for many years.”

B.J. Kowalski
President, ROE Dental Laboratory
Garfield Heights, Ohio

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