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Learn more about challenges and strengths of univeral cementation.

What challenges do universal cementation present?

While major improvements have contributed to strength and aesthetics but challeges exist with universal cementation. Download this eBook to learn more about these challenges and more.  


Learn more about how to choose the right cement for your indirect restorations!

How do you choose the correct cement?

This CE eBook discusses the important factos used in determining the correct cement and priming techniques for zirconia restorations. 


Learn more about how translucency matters for posterior restorations!

Why does translucency matter for posterior restorations?

Dhavel Patel discusses IPS e.max CAD, its use as a chairside block, and how to choose the correct translucency. 


Learn more about the considerations important to minimally invasive dentistry!

What do you consider when thinking about minimally invasive dentistry?

This webinar discusses considerations, procedures, and how minimally invasive dentistry can be applied in perio and implantology.


Learn more about millable materials and what to use for the most predictable outcomes!

How can you improve treatment plans by learning more about millable materials?

This article provides an overview of millable materials to help clinicians understand better when prescribing applications with the most predictable, long-lasting outcomes. 

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