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Learn more about how this angle outperformed all other disposable prophy angles with respect to ease of use!

What Are the Indications and Contraindications for Use of SDF in Anterior Teeth?

Today, the question of how to use 38% silver diamine fluoride (SDF) to treat anterior teeth in children is easy to answer: SDF is the best way to manage anterior caries lesions in some children and a cosmetically terrible way to treat certain other children.


Dentistry’s Role in Patients’ Overall Wellness

This article will present a strategy for incorporating routine screening for obesity and abnormal blood sugar levels into a typical hygiene visit.


Learn more about how to address sensitivity!

Determining the Best Protocol for Early Caries Lesions

An evidence-based guide to nonsurgical treatment



Bluetooth-Connected Intelligent Brushing

Mobile technologies bridge the home-office gap to improve oral care compliance



Periodontal Disease: Principles of Prevention

Join Inside Dentistry for the latest installment of the Roundtable. We’ve brought together 3 opinion leaders to discuss periodontal disease and advances in treatment philosophy and modalities from the specialist, general practitioner, and hygiene perspectives.


G-U-M Paroex - Alcohol Free, Chlorhexidine Rinse
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