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Learn more about how your dental team can help address oral cancer!

How can your team tackle oral cancer?

Cynthia Blenderman Perone, DDS, provides three steps for your dental team to crush oral cancer. Click to download this eBook. 


Learn more about oral micronome and bacterial considerations!

How do bacterial considerations affect therapeutic strategies?

Betsy Reynolds explores the impact of bacteria and how our understanding affects the effective treatment in the dental profession. 


Learn more about caries prevention and the delivery of flouride solutions to proximal tooth surfaces!

How do you reach interproximal regions with flouride solutions?

Theodore Croll and Joel Berg provide an overview of different flouride delivery treatments for interproximal regions.


Learn more about early caries detection without X-Ray in this eBook!

Is early caries detection possible without X-ray?

Download this eBook that presents studies, cases, and videos about early caries detection using Near-Infrared (NIR) Transillumination and the benefits for your practice and patients.


Learn more about new imaging technologies that could help in caries detection!

Are radiographic images your only option?

Integrating new technology provides a safe alternative to radiographic images, and offers options in caries detection and diagnostic capabilities. 

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