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VARIO Ovens by Zubler USA


Zubler USA

Zubler VARIO ovens provide modern ceramists with powerful technology and the ultimate pressing and firing environments. The VARIO 200/200ZR ceramic ovens and VARIO PRESS 300.e/300.eZR Press/Ceramic ovens have chambers designed specifically to optimize their intended purpose as well as features to compliment their design:

  • Advanced Press® for lithium disilicate/lithium silicate pressable ceramics. Pressing faster with less reaction layer. 40%+ reduction in overall cycle time.
  • TTC (ZR) – The TTC Program capability provides the best environment for cooling complex structures and layered units without fracturing. The TTC cooling is controlled by a linear temperature decrease rate selected by the technician.
  • Z-120 technology – Provides an even temperature across the entire tray. 
  • Z-Dry Mode – Provides the optimal pre-dry temperature.
  • PFC – Power fail control restores program operation should the power be interrupted. 
  • USB connection – Programs and software can be loaded into ovens using a USB stick.
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