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Zirkonofen 700 Ultra-Vakuum by Zirkonzahn®

Zirkonofen 700 Ultra-Vakuum


The redesigned Zirkonofen 700 Ultra Vakuum sintering furnace has been constructed for easy use with a front 4.3” color touchscreen control panel display for changing parameters. Built-in LEDs show the status of different procedures. Thanks to the four MoSi2 heating elements the furnace is able to reach a final temperature of up to 3092°F (1,700°C). The furnace has a 0.6-liter combustion chamber capacity, making it possible to sinter up to 60 units in a single sintering process. In combination with the easy-to-install Sinter Metal Furnace Adapter, the Zirkonofen 700 Ultra Vakuum sintering furnace is also for sintering of sinter metal.

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