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Digital Implant Planning by Zirkonzahn®

Digital Implant Planning


Zirkonzahn’s Digital Implant Planning software supports different implant systems and designs abutments considering the secondary structure, therefore enabling the simultaneous milling of both parts. Both software module Abutments and Occlusally Screwed Bridges complement each other ideally and leave you with a number of possibilities. From single crowns to occlusally screwed bridges made of 100% zirconia, everything is possible.  

By implementing the CAD/CAM 5-TEC system 5+1-axes technology, you can easily and quickly construct and mill anything in your own laboratory.This way, the current revenue is completely yours and allows you to guarantee the success of your work. Zirkonzahn produces all components needed for scanning, constructing and milling.  Zirkonzahn continuously implements new implant systems into its software to keep up with current trends. 

Software Module CAD/CAM Occlusally Screwed Bridges - Free design of the emergence profile considering the anatomical dental form - Virtual library which is continuously amplified with new implant systems and different dental forms - Milling of occlusally screwed bridges in your own laboratory with our 5+1-axes technology Software Module CAD/CAM Abutments - Supports different implant systems - Designs abutments considering the secondary construction.  After its completion, abutments and secondary construction can be milled simultaneously.

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