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Hot Spot 110 by Zircar Zirconia

Hot Spot 110

Zircar Zirconia

The Zircar Hot Spot 110 can be continuously operated at 1700oC, ensuring translucent zirconia. This rapid cycle furnace features 1800 grade molybdenum disilicide heating elements, making it possible to reach temperatures up to 1550oC in as little as 25 minutes. Simply plug the Hot Spot 110 into a standard 110-volt electrical outlet. There is no need for a 220-volt line or an electrician.

The Hot Spot 110 is designed, manufactured, and assembled in Florida, NY, USA. With two designs to choose from and a working volume up to 81 cubic inches, there is easily room for two trays, holding up to 32 copings. It is openly programmable and triple calibrated for precise temperature control.

The Hot Spot 110 furnace has a 2-year warranty. Zircar continues to support its furnaces long after the warranty has expired, with troubleshooting and parts supply including thermocouples and heating elements.

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