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CurV™ Pre-Shaped Collagen Membrane by Zimmer Biomet Dental

CurV™ Pre-Shaped Collagen Membrane

Zimmer Biomet Dental

Stemming from an exclusive distribution agreement with Osseous Technologies of America (OTA), Zimmer’s CurV™ pre-shaped collagen membrane was developed to provide focused bone augmentation. The biocompatible membrane allows for vertical bone growth and is intended to create an oral environment more suitable for implant placement.

Composed of type 1 collagen derived from bovine Achilles tendon, the Zimmer CurV membrane is a unique and convenient solution for retaining grafting material during the bone remodeling process. Pre-shaped for custom molding to the posterior or anterior defect site, the collagen membrane can effectively house Puros® Particulate Allograft or other grafting material with minimal migration (when affixed with tacks or screws).

Unlike traditional, more cumbersome methods, the Zimmer CurV membrane does not require additional structural support such as tenting screws or titanium mesh to hold its form once it is placed in a patient; and because it is made from resorbable collagen, removal is unnecessary.

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