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Zimmer® Angled Tapered Abutment by Zimmer Biomet Dental

Zimmer® Angled Tapered Abutment

Zimmer Biomet Dental

The Zimmer® Angled Tapered Abutment from Zimmer Dental, Inc. is a line extension that provides clinicians with the flexibility to place implants off-axis (i.e., tilted) and choose from multiple surgical protocols, including immediate load, screw-retained restorations to best meet the specific restorative needs of their patients. Available in 15- and 30-degree angle configurations, the Zimmer Angled Tapered Abutment promotes angulation correction for off-axis implant placement, repositioning the restorative platform to facilitate insertion of the prosthesis.

The abutment’s 1.2mm low-profile cone is ideal for use in cases with limited interocclusal space, while the cone’s 15-degree taper allows for additional angulation correction. The ability to place implants off-axis aids in maximizing the use of available bone, avoiding the alveolar nerve and sinus, and minimizing the cantilevers for the prosthesis in multi-unit, partially and fully edentulous screw-retained restorations. The user-friendly Zimmer Angled Tapered Abutment’s multiple cuff heights enable the clinician to select the size that best meets the patients’ soft tissue measurements.

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