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Zirlux Layering Ceramic (LC) by Zahn Dental

Zirlux Layering Ceramic (LC)

Zahn Dental

Zirlux Layering Ceramic (LC) porcelain from Zahn Dental is a lower firing feldspathic/leucite glass ceramic with exceptional handling characteristics. Zirlux LC is indicated for use on all zirconia frameworks with a CTE of (10–11) x 10-6/°C. This versatile system includes a full complement of layering ceramics and 12 shades of Translucent Pressable Pellets, which gives the technician the option of using an efficient press to zirconia technique also indicated for inlays, onlays, and veneers or traditional layering. This system allows the ceramist to coordinate shading, fluorescence, and opalescence to facilitate the fabrication of superior esthetic multi-unit cases regardless of technique.

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