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EnvisionTEC DDP® by Zahn Dental

EnvisionTEC DDP®

Zahn Dental

EnvisionTEC DDP® is a rapid prototyping system for all dental prosthetic applications that uses state-of-the-art digital light processing technology from Texas Instruments. Due to its high resolution, the DDP is capable of printing wax base polymer precise margins with a perfect fit for both copings and full anatomical wax crowns and partials. The machine produces up to 90 (depending on size) wax units and 10-40 bridges per batch. The production cycle is 2-4 hours per batch. Visible light cure resin and UV cured materials can be used. E-dent for printing long-term temporaries is now available. E-dent is the first material to be approved for use in an additive manufacturing process also referred to as Direct Digital 3-D printing for temporaries.

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