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D-Lish Fluoride Varnish by Young Dental

D-Lish Fluoride Varnish

Young Dental

New D-Lish 5% Sodium Fluoride Varnish by Young offers the sensitivity relief and protection clinicians want in delicious flavors patients of all ages will enjoy.

The translucent formula makes this fluoride varnish less visible on the tooth, so patients won’t have to wait for colored varnish stains to gradually fade from their teeth. In addition to a fast fluoride release profile, the formula handles easily without any clumping or stringing.

This smooth 5% sodium fluoride varnish is available in four unique, patient-pleasing flavors sweetened with xylitol:

  • Vanilla Cupcake™
  • Orchard Cherry™
  • Spearmint Surprise™
  • Fresh Melon™

Made with the highest fluoride concentration available in a varnish, this no-mix formula comes in single-dose packages that are uniquely shaped for easy opening and handling. Each package contains a colorful UltraBrush 2.0 applicator that’s designed for smooth, precise spreading on tooth surfaces.

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