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xyWater by xyWater, Inc


xyWater, Inc

xyWater is premium drinking water infused with Xylitol, an all natural alternative to sugar that may help reduce the risk of tooth decay, affect bacterial plaque, and increase salivary flow. xyWater is a unique way of delivering an optimal dose of Xylitol throughout the day in a drinkable water. Created by dental professionals, xyWater is used to enhance oral health and encourages a healthier lifestyle for everyone. Presently, there are many other products that contain Xylitol but xyWater provides the opportunity to deliver an optimal daily dose of Xylitol in a convenient, refreshing manner. Studies suggest optimal Xylitol intake ranges from 4-10 grams per day divided into at least 3 to 7 consumption periods. xyWater is currently available in a 16-ounce bottle that contains over 4 grams of the highest-quality Xylitol. xyWater can educate consumers of the importance of how healthy teeth and gums directly impact overall systemic health. xyWater can be especially beneficial for those that have/had cavities, may be Diabetic, experience dry mouth, or are pregnant.

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