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ZenoTEC T1 by WIELAND Dental Systems, Inc.

ZenoTEC T1

WIELAND Dental Systems, Inc.

The ZenoTEC T1 represents offers highly automated production in the form of a compact milling machine. The T1 features seven axis, combining the ability to mill simultaneously along fives axis with specially developed innovative milling strategies and tools. Compatible with Dental Wings and all open scanners or intraoral technologies with STL output, the ZenoTEC T1 bench top milling unit provides simultaneous five-axis milling for crowns, bridges, models, implant abutments, full-arch models, and wax/resin patterns. With top speeds of up to 60,000 rpm, the Jaeger hybrid spindle offers speed and precision during dry milling, which not only makes it gentle on the workpiece but also saves valuable time and material. The T1 uses two additional disengaged axis to organize the disc logistics—one towards the stack, the other to rotate the stack. The technological advances embodied in the ZenoTEC T1 are the result of leading-edge process engineering, intelligent digital control, a chassis in high-quality composite concrete reinforced with fiber-glass, and the use of tools and milling strategies specially developed for dental applications. The T1 is operated by means of an integrated touch screen display, just like the touch screen of a mobile phone. Its full-contour design is based on five-axis simultaneous movements, and a single coping only takes 8 minutes. The TI enable users to work with a wide range of materials, including zirconia, alumina, polymer, wax, and model material. It measures wear and tear of tools, and automatically replaces them from the tool storage in the stack.

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