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Whiter Image™ Deluxe Home Edition Kit by Whiter Image Dental

Whiter Image™ Deluxe Home Edition Kit

Whiter Image Dental

The Whiter Image™ Deluxe Home Edition Kit was designed for the patient who cannot afford to have traditional chair-side whitening or custom trays. The kit features Whiter Image Dental’s proprietary, soft silicone mouthpiece for an instant custom impression with venting for breathing and optimal comfort. The specially designed silicone mouthpiece doesn’t require any boiling for use. The kit includes 4 advanced whitening 3ml syringes with up to 17 applications and a compact storage container. The whitening solution consists of Whiter Image’s proprietary blend of (1Ž4) 12% hydrogen peroxide and (3Ž4) 36% carbamide peroxide with added potassium nitrate to address any sensitivity issues. The Whiter Image formula offers amazing whitening results and is designed for sensitive teeth with only a 20-30 minute wear time.

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