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IonoStar® Plus by VOCO America

IonoStar® Plus

VOCO America

IonoStar Plus is a new glass ionomer restorative that offers a fast-set, immediate packability, non-stick handling and enhanced physical properties. Designed to reduce or remove many of the headaches associated with glass ionomer restoratives, IonoStar Plus comes in a new easy-to-use direct activation application capsule that fits virtually all branded glass ionomer applicators.

Once triturated and placed in the mouth, IonoStar Plus offers two stages of consistency that first provide ideal wettability for perfect marginal adaptability, and then immediate packability to allow shaping and sculpting without any “pull-back” due to its non-stick handling.  IonoStar Plus has an abbreviated working time of two minutes that allows the clinical procedure to proceed quickly when time plays an important factor.  IonoStar Plus is radiopaque, fluorescent, has a high continuous fluoride release and does not require the use of a dentin conditioner.


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