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Ufi Gel hard C by VOCO America

Ufi Gel hard C

VOCO America

VOCO America Inc., one of the fastest growing German manufacturers of dental materials produces Ufi-Gel hard C. VOCO’s hard reline comes in a 1:1 auto-mix cartridge can be used chairside and allows the dentist to offer a fast, patient-friendly denture reline in one single appointment with a 10 – 15 minute procedure.

The PMMA-like Ufi Gel hard C is methyl-methacrylate free. Unlike other materials it does not show any significant heat development while polymerizing, thus allowing it to be applied easily in comparatively little time. Excellent flow properties ensure precise fit. Included in the Ufi Gel hard C kit is a special adhesive which provides a durable permanent bond to the denture.

Ufi Gel hard C’s 1:1 cartridge eliminates the need to bleed before and after use, preserving more material and saving the practitioner additional cost. In addition Ufi Gel hard C’s formulization is thixotropic allowing for flow of the material while keeping it in the area the practitioner intended.

Ufi Gel hard C not only saves the dentist lab fees and time it also means more comfort for the patient. The material is odorless and taste-free and has a high esthetic and color stability. It can be cleaned with conventional denture cleansers.

In addition to its indication for standard denture relines, Ufi Gel hard C is also indicated for enlargement of dentures, denture repairs and lengthening of denture rims.

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