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Structur 3 by VOCO America

Structur 3

VOCO America

VOCO’s Structur 3 temporary crown and bridge material is for the quick fabrication of strong and aesthetic provisional crowns and bridges (short term and long term), inlays and onlays, veneers, and temporary posts. With Structur 3, VOCO has used its advanced nano technology to create strength and aesthetics.

One of its biggest advantages is the Wipe & Go effect. Structur 3 has a very smooth surface with a minimal oxygen inhibition layer and no longer needs to be polished. All it takes for the clinician to achieve a brilliant gloss is to wipe off the temporaries with alcohol and they are done, saving plenty of polishing time. Structur 3 has a natural looking fluorescence and outstanding color stability.

Structur 3 is very economical. It has a quick intraoral setting time of only 45 seconds; which is half the time of most other materials. The 1:1 mixing ratio allows for smaller tips and makes “bleeding” of material before changing mixing tips obsolete, resulting in up to 20 more units out of each cartridge compared to 10:1 and 4:1 products.

The nano technology used in Structur 3 leads to a high fracture resistance and compressive strength of over 500 MPa making the material ideal long term temporization cases. Structur 3 is available in 50ml 1:1 cartridges, fitting every impression material dispenser or in small 5ml automix QuickMix syringes in eight VITA® matching shades (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B3, C2, Bleach).

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