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Registrado X-tra by VOCO America

Registrado X-tra

VOCO America

VOCO America’s Registrado X-tra is an innovative bite registration material for precision prosthodontics. Registrado X-tra has a two-phase set. After 40 seconds the material is hard and dimensionally stable, but still elastic for easy removal. Final extreme hardness is reached after 90 seconds.

Highly thixotropic properties make this material convenient in handling and provides for easy application and no occlusion resistance. It flows thinly from the safety cartridge, but is stable in the state of rest. Temperature-controlled setting allows to provide sufficient working time with only 30-40 seconds time in the mouth – time saving for the dentist and pleasant for the patient.

The extreme final hardness facilitates exact articulation even in difficult situations, but still allows precise trimming with scalpels or rotating instruments. Intraoral tips provide a flat ribbon of material for better coverage of the occlusal surface. Good contrast for easy identification.

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