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Rebilda Post System by VOCO America

Rebilda Post System

VOCO America

VOCO America’s Rebilda® Post System includes 3 sizes of Rebilda Posts, which are flexible, dentin-like glass-fiber posts with high radiopacity, high translucency, and excellent light conductivity with matching reamers and drills. The award-winning dual-cured self etch bond Futurabond DC can be used in the self-cured mode without any light. This is a great benefit in the root canal thus avoiding the pooling effect (the blocking of the canal due to cured adhesive). Special Endo Tim brushes allow easy application of the adhesive into the root canal. The kit promotes the Mono-Bloc Concept. Rebilda DC is used as a cement and core build-up material. This not only saves time, but furthermore creates one mono block from the root canal to the core build-up with the same excellent physical properties. The manufacturer claims that this concept leads to higher success rates. Rebilda DC flows well, but is still stackable and cuts like dentin. Endo Tims make the cement application into the root canal very easy. The Rebilda Post System kit has been developed with the input of many dentists. Their recommendations led to the inclusion of many procedure oriented application aids such as special brushes, tips and reamers. All materials match each other and take the guesswork out of the procedure leading to faster, more predictable and successful results.

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