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Profluorid Varnish by VOCO America

Profluorid Varnish

VOCO America

VOCO’s Profluorid Varnish Single Dose is now available in four flavors: caramel, cherry, mint and the original melon. A 48-pack intro kit with all flavors is available. Taking only seconds, the new, patented, single-dose delivery system, which includes the brush and the material, makes the application very easy. The clear and thin 5% sodium fluoride varnish sets quickly in the presence of saliva providing immediate and long-lasting results. Patients like the natural, xylitol-sweetened flavors without the aftertaste of some other brands. The material is free of saccharin, aspartame, and gluten. The white transparent color makes the material invisible on the teeth and leads to a high patient acceptance. A high immediate fluoride release makes the material perfect for treating sensitivity after scaling and root planning. Profluorid has enhanced flow characteristics, reaching areas traditional varnishes may miss, and it adheres well to moist surfaces.

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