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Profluorid L by VOCO America

Profluorid L

VOCO America

Profluorid L Synthetic resin matrix ensures effective desensitizing during bleaching without interfering with the bleaching results.

Fluoride varnishes are a proven alternative to gels or foams. Profluorid L, a 5% sodium-fluoride liquid varnish with calcium deposits, overcomes three major problems of some traditional resin-based varnishes. Profluorid L has a synthetic resin matrix that ensures that the material will not interfere with bleaching results and can be used as an immediate effective paint-on desensitizer before, during, and after bleaching procedures. It can also be used with patients who are allergic to colophony-based materials. Profluorid L comes in a liquid form, and is extra thin and transparent for easy application. The calcium deposits in Profluorid L are less water-soluble than sodium fluoride and ensure a longer-lasting fluoride release. Profluorid L allows effective desensitizing for up to 9 months. 

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