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GrandioCORE DC by VOCO America

GrandioCORE DC

VOCO America

VOCO’s GrandioCORE DC is a dual cured, 77% filled nano hybrid core build-up composite and post cement. Due to VOCO’s advanced nano technology used in all Grandio composites GrandioCORE DC excels in its physical properties with a very high compressive strength of 366 MPa and a dentin-like hardness of 107 MHV. The dentin like hardness makes it easy to cut without ditching when going from the tooth structure to the core material. GrandioCORE DC’s stackable consistency and its automix syringe delivery system make it easy to work with, and its extremely high radiopacity of 365 %Al makes it easy to see on x-rays. GrandioCORE DC comes with long endo intraoral tips and is also suited as a post cement. The clinician does not only save time by using the same material for post cementation and core build-up, furthermore a monoblock is created with the same excellent physical properties for an increased success rate of the restoration. GrandioCORE DC is available in a universal dentin shade and in a blue or white contrast shade for easy identification of preparation margins.

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