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Futurabond M by VOCO America

Futurabond M

VOCO America

Futurabond M is an all-in-one self-etch adhesive, designed to ensure high bond strengths on dentin and enamel. The adhesive from VOCO is reinforced with nano particles. Thanks to nano-technology, Futurabond achieves the highest level of stability and uniform adhesion, both with the tooth substance and restorative.

Nano-scaled silicon dioxide particles with a diameter of ca. 20 nm (0.00002 mm) provide for cross-linking of the bond’s resin components and improve its film building properties. The adhesive optimally wets the released collagen fibres and the micro-retentive etching pattern is created on the enamel during the etching process. The sensitive collagen fibre network therefore cannot collapse and is entirely integrated into the adhesive layer. The far-reaching resin tags in the dentin tubules harden during polymerisation and strengthen the retentive bond of the collagen fibre-bonding hybrid layer. This effective combination of micro-mechanical and chemical anchoring also provides long-lasting marginal integrity and the avoidance of post-operative sensitivities.

Futurabond M is quick to use and takes only 35 seconds from application to light-curing with only one layer to apply. Futurabond M has a working time of up to 5 minutes and therefore permits short breaks during application without compromising the quality of the adhesive. Futurabond M is available in economic bottles or in VOCO’s patented convenient and hygienic Single Dose blisters.

he single dose system overcomes the problem of solvent evaporation, which weakens the bond strength, which occurs when bottles are left open. For every application a new Futurabond M Single Dose will be opened just seconds before use and therefore reliable results are guaranteed each time.

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